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Your friends invited you over (again) for a potluck? It's the "Holidays meals" formula this year? Great, because we have tons of ideas for you to avoid going to frozen supermarket aisle!

Warm appetizers ideas for a potluck

You're taking care of appetizers for your communitary buffet? Here are some not-that-complicated ideas!

Entrée de brie aux poireaux et fruits secs

Remember this Tapas guide we've done in summer? These are 11 other good appetizers ideas for your potluck! Download it for free!

Salads recipes to prepare for communitary meals

Double or triple any one of these salads, set it in a large plate to take away and you'll be ready for the potluck. And like there's always too much foods at these kind of evenings, you probably go back with your own leftovers which is perfect for the next day.

Salade orzo et asperges

Main dishes easy to do for a potluck

If you're taking care of main dishes, don't panic. No need to bring a large piece of meat complicated to cook or to marinate for hours.

Have you thought about a tartare? If your guest haven't dared yet, it will finaly be time to try it out... and surely fall for it! This salmon tartare with strawberries and spicy mayo recipe is so easy to do that you'll be surprised to rectify yourself the seasoning and texture!

Tartare de saumon avec croûtons et citron

Complete with french fries or a salad and it'll make a light meal which won't fill you up like a meat pie!

More ideas for main dishes recipes for more people

Gratin de fruits de mer

Desserts to do for a big group

Forget about sugar pies or Yule log, it wouldn't be original! Try these desserts that'll please everyone :

Shortcake aux fraises