Crazy Leeks is a website entirely dedicated to recipes with leeks, asparagus, squash, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries grown with passion at Les Cultures de chez nous, a Quebec fruits and vegetables farm located in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults. Crazy Leeks was created in 2011 by the family behind Les Cultures de chez nous. They wanted to reach consumers more easily and get closer to their customers. The Les Cultures de chez nous team wanted to help consumers discover the fruits and vegetables they grow through various recipes and blog posts on food‑oriented topics, healthy eating tips and culinary discoveries.

Today, Crazy Leeks has over 1,000 varied and easy-to-prepare recipes, hundreds of blog posts full of cooking inspiration, and an active community of foodies on Facebook and Instagram. Our mission: to encourage a diversified diet, promote cooking at home and share the pleasure of eating well in good company.

Crazy Leek and Les Cultures de chez nous’ statistics


leeks harvested/year in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults


pounds of Quebec asparagus prepared/year


pounds of squash harvested/year in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults


dedicated employees year-round


pounds of asparagus harvested in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults


acres of land for growing Quebec leeks, asparagus, squash, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

Les Cultures de chez nous

Les Cultures de chez nous

The adventure of Les Cultures de chez nous took off in 1979 in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults, Quebec, thanks to Michelle Rajotte and Louis-Marie Jutras. At the time, they were secretaries and cartographers, respectively, and started farming part-time, growing garlic and asparagus. In 1981, Michelle and Louis-Marie left their jobs to become full-time farmers by buying 172 acres of land. That’s when leek growing began... and continues to this day, with the whole family in the business and over 80 employees year-round!

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