Hello food lovers! I’m Serge the leek. I’ve always loved eating, cooking, trying out new recipes and creating new ones from what I’ve got in the fridge. Instead of keeping it to myself, my Crazy Leeks pals have made a place for me here so I can share with you my passion for food, my good addresses, my cooking inspirations and what makes me feel good in the kitchen. I’m not the greatest cook and I don’t know all the techniques, but I’m willing to try anything about food. I hope you enjoy my interviews, my discoveries and my personal favourites... enjoy your reading!

My first cookbook

Travel diary recipes

You may also know that I’m into travel and good food. So, it was only natural for me to combine the two in my first “travel journal” style cookbook. I’ve included recipes inspired by my adventures, but I’ve also included food from Quebec producers I’ve visited. Because that was my resolution this year: to eat more locally! And let’s face it, we don’t visit our region enough, so we miss out on great produce! Each producer gave me their address and information about their products. I hope you enjoy... happy reading and happy eating!

Download the cookbook for free (French only)

My favourite of the moment