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You ate too much in the Holidays? Jeans too tight and nothing goes well? Don't cry, it's repairable! With a bit of willingness and some days, you can go back to your shape you had before December!

Here some articles that may help you detoxify yourself and motivate you after Holidays :

Jus vert détoxifiant

Healthy soups and meal soups to detoxity yourself after Holiday's break

No need of a cure or a hardcore fasting when you go back to the routine after Christmas! There are many recipes you can adpat to feel better quickly. Simply avoid creams, soups and gratin, which are richer in calories.

Soupe-repas aux légumes et boeuf

Light meals, without guilt

Being careful of your alimentation after Holidays does not mean removing all flavors from your plates! Take as an exemple these healthy recipes of the nutritionist Geneviève Arbour :

Macaroni aux poireaux sans gluten

In extra, 3 desserts!

It's not because Holidays are over that you don't have any right to eat sweeties! Here are some healthy and tasty options.

Tarte aux pommes