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There you go, your child has only a few days left before ends of classes! Enjoying it or being sad about the idea of losing their way to cool teacher, Earth won't stop moving and we need to feed these mouth in exams time.

We suggest you 12 recipes containing foods to help concentration, memory and generaly the good health of the brain!

A good smoothie-breakfast to go over exams period

Commercial cereals can contain lots of sugar. Since sugar has harmful effects over cognitive functions, it's favorable to opt for cereal richer in fibers and proteins, or even eat natural fruits.

Ideally : a smoothie with berries, excellents antioxidants. It helps memorization and cognitive capacity. Blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and more berries can all be found into one smoothie! Unlike a juice extractor, a mixer keeps all nutricious elements, so it's the ideal way to drink fruits with all its vitamins.

Need inspiration? Our bluberries and strawberries smoothie is simple to make and also contains honey, excellent to fight tiredness and stress! It's a source for vitamin B and C, minerals and trace elements.

Add an egg to it to gain a good dose of proteinsOnce again, egg play an important role for the brain : it contains choline, vitamin B essential for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmittter for memory.

Variantes for smoothies are infinite : add ground linseeds aund chia seeds, yogurt or milk, soy or almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and your favorite fruits.

Chocolatey snack

Dark chocolate of 70% of cocoa is an excellent stimulus for coco of your coco. Because of its bitter taste, your children may sulk it, but they'll probably like these mini cakes which contains also strawberries! More the chocolate is concentrated in cocoa, more it helps for the concentration. Isn't logical? It's also a very good anti-stress.

Tips for rushed people : soak fruits pieces into dark chocolate , refrigerate and make quick snacks to counter decrease of energy.

Craving for oleaginous

Did you know that a deficiency in zinc can lead to memory, learning and attention trouble? Nuts, almonds and pistachios, among others, are a good source of zinc. Mixed with dried fruits, can bring it along well everywhere and gives fuels to neurons to concentrate well.

Here a pleasant way to eat dried fruits : over a melted brie with leeksFurthermore, this recipe contains rosemary, a flavonoid which favorise blood circulation to the brain and stimulate memory and attention! It's best of both worlds!

Giblets, essential iron

Liver, kidneys, hearth, veal rice et black pudding contains more iron than spinaches. Once again, it's an essential element that favorise a good concentration and a good memorization. Iron transport oxygen to the brain. If your children aren't fan, we may have interesting solutions :

Un père cuisine pendant que la mère aide les enfants avec les devoirs

Fat fishes, rich in omega-3

Herring, sardines and mackerel are maybe not the most popular, but salmon should amke some happy. Everyones neurones will be in better shape to memorize multiplication tables and important historical of discovery dates.

We have many recipes with salmon to suggest and which a good for lunches :

Salade de saumon et petits fruits

Adding to it a great portion of dark-green leaves vegetables such as spinaches and broccoli and you'll have cells boosted to go over any kind of exams period (but you also have to study a bit of course)!

Have nice end of classes!