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What should you give to your loved one for Valentine's Day? Flowers withers. A resto, it's costy. Chocolate box, there's always a few weird ones in it, that we just want to spit right away. Wine, it's always the same thing (refer yourself to our article about How not to screw everything up for Valentine's Day to avoid doing common mistakes). 

If you're gifted with any artistic talents (which your partner likes, of course), it's a good idea to make use of it. If you don't know what to do at all and have a small budget, we have some few ideas!

Romantic food for Valentine's Day 

It's not an obligation to be a complicated recipe! For breakfast, lunch and dinner, transform everything up into hearts shape and there you go! You have here a Valentine's Day meal so cute, just like this unique breakfast. It's also fulfilling.

Rôties et oeuf en forme de cœur

If you're craving for a bit of sweetness, opt for crepes or waffles which are as hearty. Try this classical light waffles recipe

Crêpes en forme de cœurGaufres en forme de coeur

Breakfast on the go? Make it heart-shaped! A smoothie is quickly made and healthy. Try this blueberries and strawberries smoothie. You may use any fruits you have under the hand.

Smoothie vert avec graines de sésame et pavot en forme de cœur

For Valentine's lunch of dinner, make a pizza which has a hearty dough. Try out one of these 3 recipes : bacon and leeks parmentière pizza, ham and asparagus thin pizzas or scallops and leeks thin pizzas.

Pizza en forme de cœur

plate of cold meats with ham and turkey pieces rolled into heart shapes isn't maybe the greatest invention, but will show at least that you had the patience to do it!

Assiette de viandes froides en forme de cœur

Some foods are easy to make. You just have to use a bit of imaginationand your Valentine's meal will be transformed into a super romantic dinner with only a few little twist. Look at those loving shrimps! We just had to think it out! Try these variants : leeks fondue shrimps and leeks and lemon shrimps.

Crevettes en forme de cœur

Sushis may also be part of a great plan. Everything is about how you shape it! A great presentation makes a lot of difference.

Morceaux de sushis en forme de cœur

Heart shaped pastas ? For this occasion, some shopkeepers will surely holds some! Find an artisanal specialise grocery store or market and take away a smile from your lover. Who could possibly stay angry in front of a plate filled with hearts?

Raviolis en forme de cœur pour la St-Valentin

You want to tell how much you love your other half? He or she is like the milk in your coffee, the frosting on top of the cake, the patty in your hamburger? Show him with a... patty in his hamburger! All you need, is a heart shaped cookie cutter. You can find one at your local 1$ store and you'll also be able to keep it for further creations!

Boulette de boeuf en forme de cœur

If you have a favorite cookies or galettes recipe, once again, put your heart in it! Try this recipe of oat and blueberries cookies. Only 15 minutes to prepare and 10 to bake!

Galettes en forme de cœur

If your culinary talents are limited, just enjoy a simple chocolate fondue. You can slice watermelon, kiwis, apples, oranges, ananas and many more fruits into heart shapes with your cookie cutter.

Fraise trempée dans le chocolat

You can make chocolates yoursefl! Some preparation only ask for few steps. You may even enjoy it!

Chocolats en forme de cœur dans une boîte

Cook an Angel's cake or any other into a heart shape. It's pretty, it's tasty, it's well shared and set everyone in a happy mood!

Gâteau blanc en forme de cœur avec fraises

Edible Valentine's gifts

If you don't live with your partner or that you'd like to gift something meaningful to a relative, you may as well make a gift they'll be able to eat later on! Nothing's more convenient than a meal cooked beforehand when we don't feel like cooking.

  • Make a spaghetti sauce and set it in a Mason jar garnished with a pretty ribbon. Wrap raw pastas in a cloths with a curte string. Set everything up in a beautiful box.
  • Prepare a dry mix for a portion of hot chocolate or coffee and add to it a little sample of his favorite drinks.
  • Prepare a dry mix for cookies, brownies or a cake with clear steps explaining how to finish everyhting up with liquids ingredients.

Biscuits aux brisures de chocolat

  • Cook jams, jelly, marmalades and spreads and make it look great in a decorative box.

Pots de confiture décorés

  • Double a portion of potage and make homemade croutons. Wrap everything up in a pretty box or a gift bag. Both potage and soup may be well frozen.
  • You're a bread fan? Nothing's better than a good looking homemade loaf! This also, can be frozen, and it's always good! Gift one to your friends with their favorite wine bottle or a cheese, why not?
  • Make chocolate jars or homemade aramel to spread. It's so delicious and can be shared easily! Or not...
  • Who doesn't like sugar fudge, fudge and truffles? It's as pleasant to gift as to enjoy!

Sucre à la crème

  • Fruits ketchup, can be kept for a long time and its good with everything. It's also easy to do!
  • Beetroots, carrots or marinated cucumbers, did you think about it? Marinated veggie lovers will surely ask for more!
  • Roasted almonds or caramelized, it's a good idea and an original snack! Cook with love, it'll taste even better.