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We don't know about you, but for us, the beginning of autumn sounds so sweet. Apples picking, large scarves, series, Habs are back, teas and warm coffees and... COMFORT FOOD!

We bring out the slow cooker since it's the great coming back for traditionals plates which warm up our small belly and our soul! Bye bye thin salad! In fact, with comfort food comes a whole other life style, kind of smooth, without guilt and glutton. We like it!

here recipes to help you fulfill your belly the right way!

Bœuf braisé à la bière et poireaux

A great braised beef like one of your childhood. Eight hours in the slow cooker and here we go!

Macaronis aux poireaux

As much comforting than Kraft Dinner, but a million times better and healthier! With leeks, there's no reason to restrain yourself with this vegetables portion.

Pot au feu de citrouille et poireaux

We fall in love with this plate, before even tasting it! Served in a pumpkin, this pretty plate with colors of a fire shows the autumnal spirits. Delicious, filled with vegetables and low in fats, it's real comfort food without any guilt. Granted!

Potage courge butternut, poireaux et bière aux pommes

This is probably one of the best creamy soup you'll ever eat. Since it's dairy free, you'll be able to freeze it in small individual jar to then thawed it later on and ready to eat!

Chili Con Carne aux poireaux

One pleasure with this chili con carne is the scent that fill up your home when cooking. For these cold days where we need to warm up from the inside, this chili will melt hearts! To serve with rice of Naan bread.

Osso buco

Impossible not to think of an osso buco when talking about comfort food! This version with leeks will be for sure part of your classicals. A true delight!

Tarte aux pommes, aux poireaux et au Gruyère

An apple pie with cheese and leeks? Completely amazing! You're not at ease to do a perfect dough? No problems, this one is made out of breadcrumbs!

What is your favorite comfort food recipe?