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Next March 17, celebrate the patron saint of ireland the right way : dance, sing, proudly waer green, but, mainly, enjoy traditional measl!

Unavoidable potatoes

When we're talking about Ireland traditional meals, just like it's history, potatoes are never really far! This vegetable, once indispensable, is still greatly present today into Ireland kitchen's. Let it be as side dish or main meal, we find potatoes into all kind of recipes.

Soupe de poireaux et pommes de terre


Purée de pommes de terre aux poireaux


Who says Ireland, says seafoods!

If you ever traveled up there and enjoy a fish & chips or a plate full of freshly caught seafoods, you know why those delights are the real secret of the irish gastronomy. For the remaining of you which havn't had a taste yet, our recipes will give you a great taste of what it is!

Gratin d'huître aux poireaux

It's well known, the amount of oyster farms in ireland is impressive. If you cannot have a taste of these famous oyster, you still won't be disappointed with this recipe!

Gratin de fruits de mer

Renewed fish pie? We buy it!

The pièce de résistance : the lamb

Lamb is set up front in Ireland! The Irish stew, a meal made of lamb, potatoes (of course!) and various vegetables, is the perfect traditional dish to celebrate Saint-Patrick's the right way. Enjoy this time to taste this amazing meat often neglected!

Tagine d'agneau aux poireaux

Carrés d'agneau en croûte de poireaux

Épaule d'agneau campagnard


Desserts time or tea time?

Irish people love sweets, but sweets after a meal often let place to traditional tea and snacks. Apple is an essentially use fruit into those traditional recipes, of course all fruits are also accepted!

Croustade aux pommes et aux fraises

Scones anglais aux bleuets

For breakfast as well for tea time, scone is always appreciated!

Never without my stout

This Holiday wouldn't be complete without this typically black Irish beer, the stout. Traditional meals goes perfectly with those kind of beer : Murphy, Caffrey, Beamish and, more importantly, the well known Guinness.

Whereupon, raise your glass, because we don't mess with traditions!

Happy Saint-Patrick!