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If one of these 3 situation can be apply to yours, this article may interest you :

  • You eat, sometimes
  • You have friends and family
  • You eat with your friends and family, sometimes

You answered yes to all these affirmations and plus it's your turn to recieve for the traditional group meal? Don't panic : we have what you need here to help you organize an evening that won't be forgotten by your guests.

What should we eat for dinner?

Is it too simple? good enough? too searched? Hard to find a meal that can please everyone in your guests list, but the following elements will help you orientate in your choice.

Consider taste, allergies and preferences of your guests

Your guest loves to think that you thought of them while cooking. Inform yourself about their taste, but also restrictions : is your cousin allergic to nuts? Is your aunt gluten intolerent? Your best friend's vegetarian? So prepare many version of the same meal in consequences to : this small attention will please them for sure!


It's well known, we firstly eat with our eyes. Think colors with a beets and leeks rosé soup appetizers, a pizza full of greens and leeks and goat cheese as the main dish and a colored tart with small fruits for dessert. Think texture with Parmesan and leeks meatballs for appetizers or a strawberries mousses for dessert. Possibilities are infinite!

Impress with your originality

You like hot chicken, we like hot chicken, but it's probably not the ideal choice for your guests. Try originality for a fantastic impression : fruits on grill,  shrimps with leeks and lemons or a sweety-salty dessert will sure impress.

Adapt the meal to the occasion

We don't cook a filet mignon for a picnic, just like we don't eat frozen pizza for Christmas. If you organize a meal for an events that leads to a thematic, go ahead! It's easter? Go brunch style with a quiche with leeks and bacon. It's BBQ evening? Innovate with a salmon burger or stay classical with the chicken burger.

It's not resto, but almost

To create that much wow! than miam!, show to your guest a meal (almost) like at the resto.

Get value for their money

Great, okay, they don't actually have to pay. But even so, your guest want to refill without being scare to private anyone. It's why you should cook some mores than planned.

And just like you'll want to discuss for long hours while eating, it is clever to prepare beforehand many services, and even appetizers, why not. Many are easy and fast to concoct, and your guests are going to be please for sure!

Show your greatest dishes

Now is the moment to use Pinterest and this set of dishes-tablecloth-utensils of great occasions (you know, these we think unuseful 95% of the time)! Do not skimp about your table presentation, even more if you chose a theme for the night. Anotated : tendencies are for smaller formats (glasses, mugs and small dishes).

Carefully make your plates

Would you prefer to taste this:

or this? :

Your guests would surely opt for the 2d beef roasted them too; when you build their plates, think about it!

What should we drink with this?

Plus feeding the group, you also need to hydrate them  (who would've beleived this!). Plan drinks, with alcohol and alcohol free, for your guests. For hot summer nights, nothing better than a punch rosé with limes and strawberries to refresh everyone!

Do not forget the most important for a sucesseful meal

Have fun! Don't let the stress of the preparation affect your moods : for a sucessful meal, your guests needs to mainly have fun with you. Talks, laughs, make a toast and remember : perfections doesn't exist!

So, have a good receptions and have a nice meal!