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Holidays are over, we cry over our wallet and shape! After so much decadence and excess, our body request cares to restore it's former vigor.

All this overload of foods and alcohol plus gym procrastination gaves some more pounds and toxins. A way to look as much stuffed as a turkey! To take actions and start well this new year, we'll favor healthy foods, good hydration, physical activities and resting.

The main goal of a detox cure is to eliminate toxins absorbed by the organism (kidneys, liver, lungs). It would be false to believe it'll make us lose weight. Feeding only with fruits and vegetables, and so low in calories, will make you lose water and muscles.

A detox cure normaly last one or two days, times for txins to be eliminated from the body. Unuseful to do it every months : only after a period of excess like in the Holidays. Sure, a detox cure is good, but it is not an end. It is way more important to adopt an heathly lifestyle all year long. So here are some tips to take the leads of your body again after Holidays!

1. Get the bad guys out of the fridge

It's not with a fridge filled with pies, foie gras or cake that we will get rid pounds surplus. These incidious foods will soon waste most of your efforts. It also means you'll have to trow away these gingerbread cookies, cream sugar and beautiful chocolate boxes. Even if it's grandma or "honey" who gave it to you! You have two options. You freeze it in a temporal cell with impossibility to open before summer comes or give it out for free to your friends and familly.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

What's amazing with fruits and vegetables is that each of it has it's own benefits. So it's a winning choice to diversify to win in flavours, vitamins and minerals. Usually, fruits and vegetables should take half of your plate. There you go!

8 healthy recipes based with vegetables and fruits to adopt right now!

Salade de poireaux grillés, œufs mollets

Soupe vitalité

Sauté aux champignons et amandes

Potage santé au chou-fleur et poireau

Carpaccio d'avocats aux bleuets sauvages


Fraises piquantes


Avocats et tomates à la sauce aux framboises


Salade tiède de haricots verts, échalotes françaises rôties et fraises


3. Drink water, again and again

Benefits of water is infinite and incontestable. About post-Holidays purification, not only it wil help rehydrate your body, but also ensure proper fonctioning of your intestines, to evacuate toxins and refloat your minerals reserves. If you're still not convinced of it's use, just know also that water stimulate satiety by taking space inside your stomach!

You're tired of having your ears shook about water? Difficult to drink more? Just start by replacing fruit juices and soda with water, it'll already be a good start. For more pleasure, opt for sparkling water lemon flavoured, drink water in tea or tisane or add fruits and herbs to it! You'll obtain supplementary benefits plus being tasty!

4. Move and sweat!

Not a lot of thing are as much satisfying than sweating because of efforts. Party to your extra pounds and go to the gym, to group classes or simply walk the dog. You have to start somewhere!

Think about gifting yourself from time to time and go to your rythm to adopt a lifestyle which will last long!