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What's better than celebrating our chauvinism with good people around a great fire? You're planning to celebrate with your people under the hot sun around a traditional BBQ? Even if the traditional and famous poutine and fastfood are the easiest way to do it, there is multiples healthier menus available which won,t make you regret your evening the day after! Raise your flag and up you go to your BBQ!

Leeks guacamole and homemade tortillas chips

Avocados lovers will be in heaven with this variation of this traditional recipe but with leeks! This guacamole recipe is so easy to make that one should be crazy to avoid it!

Strawberries and feta cheese salad

Here's THE official summer salad! So refreshing, it's perfect to satisfy your thirst on days where even being in a spot where's shade is unbearable. With only 5 super simple ingredients, it'll be ready in 5 minutes, I swear!

Leeks mignons hot-dog

Of course, it's impossible to avoid hot-dog on the Saint-Jean's day! These doesn't contains meat and are perfect to satisfy afternoons  or evenings cravings without bloating your stomach.

Leeks mini-pizzas

Thanks to prosciutto in those mini-pizzas, carnivors won't be left behind! Once again, a recipe that will surprises you with its simplicity!

Small asparagus and prosciutto appetizers

Complement your menu with these lil appetizers mainly made of asparagus, prosciutto and cream cheese. Prepare into small rolls, their cute and will make your guest thirsty! Often, happiness is found in smaller things!

Crab cakes

This recipe ask for more time of preparation, but is cooked well over BBQ! With a bit of lemon juice and homemade mayonnaise, it's frankly delicious!


Fans of bruschetta will be happy to revisit this classic to which was addded leeks. By being gratin in the oven just before serving, these appetizers becomes rich and unctuous. A pure delight which won't be left on the table for too long!

Parmesan and leeks meatballs

Those meatballs prapared with sausages flesh will be perfect for any foodies. Bake over BBQ and serve with tomato and wine sauce, its heavenly!

Happy Saint-Jean!