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How to developed patience, creativity, and trust of your kids? By cooking of course! Spring break is perfect to initiated, without being in a hurry. They'll be able to practice their readings and learn new words (toss? zester?), food group and follow the rules (of the recipe).

But, the most important is that you'll spend a pleasant moment in family. One problem subsists : how to interest them? Here are 5 tips to help you.

What do we eat for dinner?

Before starting to cook, involve your kids in the choice of recipe let them even more have an interest to the preparation and also the final result. Take care to give them some choices to avoid being taken to no avail. Instead of repeating every steps of preparation to your kids, let them reread themselves the recipe.

Letting them choose the meal and leading cooking steps will give them more fun, but also more trust in themselves and more autonomy and pride towards their achievement. You will also have an opportunity to show them your trust!

A rainbow of recipes

Your kids wants of course to cook cake more than mashed potatoes, but sugar isn't the only cause : colors as well.
To avoid always cooking desserts, buy food coloring to light up your recipes and entertain your kids( and yourself, let's face it!). Try multicolour spaghetti : just pour different colorants in many casserole with boiling water before cooking your pasta; delicious for your eyes as well!

Kitchen : a playground

To show them how funny it is to cook, we need to let them do what they prefers : play! By associating fun with food, they'll be less capricious at the table and agreed more easily to help you sometimes.

If they want to taste or touch food, agree for them to awaken to the subtlety of aromas.

If they want to dress up, proudly wear with him hat and apron!

Relax before the mess

Be sure to be relax when you cook with your kids.

There's eggs over the walls? Pasta on the ground? No problems! Remember that your role is beforeall to accompany your kids, not watch them. If there's still stress, listen to music or dance, you know, have fun, and they'll sure agree to try again!

What do I like? A surpise-meal!

Your appreciation of their work is the best motivation sources for your kids. Make them undestand that you love getting meals as a gift : preparation of lunchs, dinner and even bed in breakfast for mom and dad on weekend, who knows!

Let them also participate to the making of meals when you recieves guest, or bring their creations when all the family gather at grand-father and grand-mother's house.

To encourage them to take the initiative , you could also put some cooking tools like bowls and spoons in a shelf easy to reach. You could get some great surprises!

Here we go, your kids can cook!

And now, what to cook? Here are some ideas of recipes that you may try with them, even after the spring break.


Leeks guacamole with homemade tortillas chips

Smoked salmon bagel with fell of leeks


Leeks pasta with feta and dry tomatoes


Leeks Shepherd's pie


Frozen yogurts mini-pops, with limon and blueberries


Strawberries and raspberries mousse