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One of the most happiest moment of Autumn is the Thanksgiving meal. Table setted with its greatest decoration and filled with delicious and rallying meals. Not only it's a precious moment with the family, but also a golden occasion to cook and taste comforting meals!

From appetizers to desserts, here a menu to celebrate which will for sure please all your guest!


It's important to take care about appetizer since it's what brings people around the table! Go hard on the theme and offer a soup with vegetables from this very season!

Potage à la citrouille

Velouté simplissime aux légumes racines

Main dishes

Obviously, turkey is always the main traditional plate, but fortunately we're free to cook it with our favorite ingredients! Opt for one of these 2 variants that put up front this unavoidable and loved holiday.

Rôti de dinde farcie de poireaux, d'amandes et de marrons

Poitrine de dinde farcie aux pruneaux et aux abricots


As for accompaniments, you'll need something colorful with, of course, autumnal vegetables!

Gratin aux deux pommes de terre, muscade et érable

This gratin is the perfect exemple for this autumnal holiday! To give even more taste to this accompaniment already rich and tasty, add a bit of maple syrup.

Chutney aux bleuets et aux canneberges

This chutney will beautifully replace the traditional cranberries sauce served with turkey. A small variant that'll make all the difference! 


Finaly, dessert should be really delicious to end such a great meal! A sweetness with the Forbidden fruit should be appropriate.

Croustade aux pommes et aux fraises

A comfort food without any equal! Let it bring you back to childhood with this very simple and tasty crisp.

Grand-père aux bleuets

Fan of sweet dumplings? Dare this autumnal declension our favorite sweet. Sweet decadency!

Do you have any suggestion for Thanksgiving recipes?