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Only few days up until christmas! This year, you took the leads and prepare for the big day. Success this challenge with our best Holidays recipes and spend a memorable Christmas!

Of course, order a buffet could be simple, but we think that moment spent cooking with family are precious. Be sure to enjoy the present moment on the D-day and cook beforehand, on November weekends, plates you can freeze. So, at the right time, you'll be able to set plates in the oven and avoid excessive accumulation of dish! Here our gourmet Christmas menu!

Festive hors-d'œuvre

Start Christmas by offering your guest small bites like these frilled oysters with champaign and cream and these leeks and cheese candies. A true delight that'll light the evening! Ideally, you'll serve 6 bites per person.

Huîtres grillées au champagne et à la crème

With a presentation so festive and this sparkling taste, let's take a glass of champaign. It's perfect, the bottle is alreay oppened! Cheers!

Bonbons aux poireaux et fromage

Let's start celebrating with these small candies which will please as much the kids than the grown ups! St-Paulin, cranberries and leek : a winning mix for a great entrance!

Comforting appetizers

We'll serve appetizers depending on the number of bites served before.

Crème de poireaux et gnocchis

This creamy soup will warm up your body and soul right away and your guest will sure ask for more!

Main dish

Traditional or modern? Chose yourself!

Cipâte de Noël aux poireaux

This classical quebeckers meal takes a lot of time and you have to do it early since the preparation needs to macerate 12 hours in the fridge then bake for 7 hours. But believe us, the waiting worth it!

Pétoncles unilatéraux à la crème de poireaux

These scallops will earn you great complimentary comments when you actually didn't spent that much time cooking it!

Charming desserts

Instead of the traitional Yule log, surprise your guest with this cheese cake or this chocolate pie!

Mini-cheesecakes aux framboises

We can't be wrong with this loved dessert. Served into small individual portions, this cheese cake is well presented accompanied with a raspberries or chocolate coulis!

Tarte chocolatée aux fraises

After so much decadencies, something light and fresh should be welcomed, don't you think? This pie is really delicious with a great glass of red porto!

You only have to set up the table beautifully and share these small sweetness cooked with love with your loved ones! Happy holidays!