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For some people, Autumn goes with the come back of coldness. Others sees in it a way to marvel at the beauty of nature and spend time in family. Indeed, this colorful season offers great opportunities to gather around with its many holidays! So here many activities suggestions to keep busy your weekend till Winter.

Like most of the following activities are physical, you'll find at the end a selection of delicious soups to cook with your family and fill up in energy!

1. Visit a national park

Mont-Tremblant, Anticosti, Mont-Mégantic, Yamaska, Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, Fjord-du Saguenay... you sure have one near you or a few hours drive. You'll discover amazing autumnal landscape! Take a look at the complete list of parks.

2. Rake leafs

Transform this not that much interesting activity to a group activity! It burns calories.

3. Climb a mountain

Wear your climbing boots and breath the great air! prepare yourself a little piquenic to celebrate your arrival at the mountain peak.

4. Go the the orchard

A good pretext to go outside and move the kids.

5. Cook apples

Pies, crust, compotes, muffins, breads... blue cord or not, inspire yourself with these recipes all simple with apples!

6. Roads of ciders

Rougemont or Hemmingford, ciders abound. Take a look at the programmation of week-ends gourmands de Rougemont.

7. Watch a serie all day

Rewatch all Lord of the rings or Back to the future! Jogging and pajamas are authorized only.

8. Rent a chalet

Nothings better to isolate yourself for a weekend in the woods or to play board games or socialize near a fire to rule out the routine.

9. Pick up pumpkins 

After apples, pumpkins! Way better to chose it in the fields than at the grocery store.

10. Walk the dogs for the SPA

Because these little pups all needs love and that we will sure feel better when this good deed will be done. read all information on  volunteerism at SPA.

11. Halloween on the plains of Abraham

Halloween is always fun, no matter the age.

12. Play board games

Board games are no longer what it was. Now, there's tone of them and for all taste. we invite friends to bring their best board games and test... the good and sore loser!

5 Recomforting soups for active days

Move around and think up, it digs the appetite. Here are some hot meals to recover your energy and go for another round!

Tonkinese with shrimp and leeks

Leeks au gratin soup

Cream of leeks with pear and pancetta

Italiano soup lunch with chicken

Mediteranean soup with fish

Other suggestions for autumnal activities?