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Are you tempted to buy scary little treats all ready in advance? You know that your artistic talents are horrific, but not in a 'Wow, it's Halloween' kind of way? Don't panic! We have a few tips and easy recipes for setting a lovely & spooky table for Halloween!

Unhappy Veggies

Easy to make and so healthy!

Piments coupés comme le visage d’une citrouille à l’Halloween

Spaghetti that Bites

It's just your traditional spaghetti recipe, but with eyes (hard-boiled eggs) and olives! Make it a Cyclops for an even funnier twist!

Spaghetti avec visage de vampire pour l’Halloween

Mummified Sausages

Kids will love them! All you have to do is wrap sausages for your choice with dough, cook them and add the eyes. Decorate with ketchup and voilà!

Saucisses en forme de momies enrobées de pâte

Phantom Fruits

Bananas, clementines, celery and chocolate. It's as simple as that.

Bananes et clémentines décorées pour l’Halloween

Monster Chops

Slice apple, fill with a bit of peanut butter and insert yogurt-covered cranberries or almonds between the two slices. Alternate the 'teeth' with black candies or grapes to give an even more monstrous look!

Collations de pommes et beurre d’arachide pour l’Halloween

Pizza That Says, "Boo!"

Here are 2 pizza recipes that are sure to please:

Pizza décorée pour l’Halloween

Try this variation. Don't you think it's eyeing you?

Pizza maison avec des yeux

Surprise Soup

Pumpkin soup... in a pumpkin! Who could ask for more? If your little monsters aren't fans of pumpkin, you can keep the 'bowl', but choose a Spring Vegetable Soup instead.

Potage dans une citrouille

Enchanted Muffins

Whether they are decadent and full of chocolate or healthy with lots of fruit, the top of your muffins can take on whatever Hallweenish look you wish!

Here are a few suggestions!

Make vanilla icing and add food coloring. Orange, green or black, everyone will love them, guaranteed!

Muffins décorés pour l’Halloween

Poisonous Bagels

Bagel. Cheese. Olives. Sure to scare!

Bagels au fromage avec araignées en olives

Variation: curious mummies!

Grilled cheese en momie

Pumpkin Snack

Place a slice of ham or turkey on a bagel. Roll dough and cut out jack-o-lantern faces. Place over the slice of meat and bake. Yummy!

Collation en forme de citrouille pour l’Halloween

Marshmallow Zombies

Cuter than scarier, these marshmallow zombies are fun to decorate with little ones...and they will disappear in just a matter of seconds!

Guimauves décorées comme des zombies

Bat Cookies

Skeletons, pumpkins, black cats, bats, zombies... decorate your favorite cookies as you wish! Bet you take on the role of Santa Claus come Christmas time!

Biscuits maison décorés pour l’Halloween