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Summer break is over and it's back to lunches time! Tired of the traditional ham sandwich? Here's 9 recipes of plates or desserts for the lunch box.

The unavoidable sandwich

Tofu salad sandwich

Tofu salad is an excellent alternative for meats and eggs to replace in sandwich. This one may become your favorite sandwich for your lunch!

Sandwich à la salade de tofu avec cornichons sucrés, aneth, curcuma, mayonnaise, et moutarde de Dijon

Tomatoes and avocados sandwich

To avoid tomatoes from being damp with the bread when going to the office or school, bring it in another separate container. This sandwich will ask for a bit of time to make at the office before enjoying it, but it's worth it!

Sandwich aux tomates et à l’avocat

Chicken salad wrap

You're left with chicken from last night dinner? This wrap will be perfect for tomorow's lunch.

Wrap de salade de poulet avec poireaux, épinards et fromage feta

Plates to microwave

Leeks lasagna

There's nothing better as a leftover plate than a delicious lasagna. Careful, it's possible that the marvelous divine scent of your leeks lasagna is so irresistible that no one could resist!

Lasagne aux poireaux et bœuf haché avec sauce tomate et fromage mozzarella

Bourguignon beef with carrots, leeks and bacon

Here,s another recipe much better as a leftover! The meat would've the time to fully marinate with the taste of the sauce. Bourguignon beef from Christian Bégin is to enjoy with mashed potatoes or with pastas!

Bœuf bourguignon de Christian Bégin avec carottes, poireaux, lardons et champignons

Chicken couscous with vegetables and Gouda

No microwaves? No problem! This couscous plate may be served cold or warm. Also, it's simple and quick to cook.

Couscous au poulet avec légumes et des cubes de fromage Gouda

Desserts and snacks for lunchtime

Blueberries and orange muffins

Muffin is always a classic as a dessert or a snacks. It's easy to prepare and everyone likes it!

Muffins aux bleuets et à l’orange, parfaits pour un dessert ou une collation

Non-baked chewy bars

For an healthy snacks, nothing,s better than a homemade chewy bar. No baking needed, it's prepared in little time!

Barres tendres sans cuisson, parfaites pour la boîte à lunch

Chocolate chips cookies

To end this on a beautiful note, we of course may offer ourselves a lil' sweetness in our lunch box from time to time. Nothings better than a good ol' chocolate chips cookie with a glass of milk 😉

Biscuits aux brisures de chocolat pour une petite gâterie dans la boîte à lunch

No matter what kind of dish can be found in your lunch box, we have tons of recipes for you!