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Have you been eating the same ham-and-mustard sandwich for 2 weeks now? Are your kids complaining that they’ve had enough baby carrots? Here are 5 original lunches that will leave no one indifferent.

1. Homemade pizza pockets (in French)

Des pizza pochettes maison pour un lunch rapide et original auquel vous n’avez jamais pensé.

Pocket pizzas are a great quick lunch to heat up. But when it comes to health, you’re out of luck. Here’s an ultra-easy, make-ahead, freezer-friendly version. Healthy ingredients for a nostalgic, guilt-free treat!

2. Easy-to-roll sushi burritos

Des rouleaux de sushi burrito faciles pour un lunch auquel vous n’avez jamais pensé.

If you’re back at the office, make your colleagues jealous with sushi. The great thing about sushi burritos is that they’re easier to make, and you can eat them with the ends wrapped (so the filling doesn’t fall all over the place when you take a bite) 😉.

PS: If tuna tartare is intimidating, you can easily replace it with a vegetable of your choice.

3. Our creamy leek lasagna

Une lasagne aux poireaux ultra crémeuse à apporter dans votre lunch de semaine pour faire différent.

Lasagna is a classic lunch. But lasagna with leeks? Instantly original. Cream, cheese, fresh leeks... need we say more?

4. A healthy, vegan protein bowl

Consider their close cousin: the protein bowl for a change from salads. Much more satiating! What’s more, it’s easy to modify the recipe by adding whatever vegetables you have left in the fridge.

5. Our delicious mushroom and leek risotto

Un délicieux risotto aux champignons et poireaux qui fera un excellent lunch de semaine pour changer de la routine.

Risotto heats up incredibly well in the microwave. It doesn’t get dry or too runny. We recommend doubling the recipe on a weeknight: it’s so good no one will complain about having leftovers for lunches the next day. 😊

Now that you’ve gone a week without eating a sandwich, we’ve come up with a sandwich recipe that’s a bit different, just in case you miss your sandwich bread! If you’re completely vegan, here’s another article (in French) in which you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Enjoy your weekday lunches!