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It's soon school time! For kids, it means going back to homework. For parents, getting back to lunchs. Small frozen dish with few vegetables and filled with salt and fats, it's a no. Except if the school cafeteria offers healthy plates, it's favorable to make it yourself to get to the best nutritional quality out of it and respect a good division of foods groups. You'll even save money!

It's great cooking healthy, but it should be a wins for both sides, your childrens included! Here some recipes ideas to diversify lunchs box!

Little tips : make it in more quantity and freeze! Almost everything can be freezed, you'd be surprised. This way, childrens will feel less like eating the same thing over and over again since you'll be able to alternate plates of any week. Take time to identify each plates to find stuff easily in the freezer.

Shepherd's Pie with leeks

More nutritious than the original recipe, this version of the Shepherd's Pie is more complete with leeks mixed to meat. Your children won't see the difference!

Tricolors rotinis with eggs and vegetables

This colorful meal with amaze your childrens friends! Even if it doesn't contain meats, they'll be able to go trough the afternoon with these eggs and cheese, which replace proteins.

Leeks lasagna

It's large nutritious value in vitamins and minerals of leeks enhance its nutritious value of a classical lasagna. Crab cake. Replace the traditional fish nuggets sold in grocery stores with these elaborated crab cakes with ingredients way more natural and delicious! Accompany with vegetables puree or just vegetables.

Blueberries and orange muffins

Childrens won't realize these muffins contains wheat flour! Serve as desserts or snacks. Have a nice time going back to the school routine!