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At Crazy Leek, when we think about Annie Gagnon, Quality Manager at Cultures de chez nous, we also think about cheese since she loves it! Find out her favorite recipes and learn more about her!

Who's Annie Gagnon in 5 points

1. How did she learn cooking

" I learned how to cook because of my curiosity for delicious foods! "

2. Something she can't live without in the kitchen  

Her measuring cup.

3. Her nickname in the kitchen

" Clumsy Annie! "

4. Her best lifetime meal

A meal at the Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon!

5. Her favorite dish

" I don't favorise anything precisely, I love almost everything. But I still have a big crush for homemade poutine. At my house, each Friday night, it's homemade poutine! "

Her 5 beloved recipes

Leeks and ham pennes

" A simple recipe that everyone loves 😊 "

She likes it because : the delicious taste of goat cheese goes so well with ham.

Pennes aux poireaux et jambon avec fromage de chèvre, crème et basilic frais

Shredded pork and leeks poutine

" An extraordinary poutine! "

She likes it because : an homemade poutine, it's so good!

Poutine avec poireaux, porc effiloché, sauce demi-glace, cassonade, ketchup et moutarde de Dijon

Natasha's artichokes and leeks dip

" A favorite for partys! "

She likes it because : it pleases her guests, and herself.

Trempette aux artichauts et aux poireaux avec fromage, mayonnaise et crème sûre

The fondue we'll ask for!

" The tilte resumes well this recipe 😉 "

She likes it because : a cheese fondue with a good beer, how could we ask for more?

Fondue au fromage avec bière blonde, poireaux, poivrons et tomates

Leeks and sausages chili

" My autumnal meal. "

She likes it because : it's a comforting plate when the cold season is coming slowly.

Chili aux poireaux, chair de saucisses italiennes fortes, poivrons, haricots, maïs, tomates et fromage

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