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Going to orchard and make the cider road, these are unavoidable pleasure of Automn. After coating yourself with warm clothes, we'll go to the orchard, where trees filled with colors and full of apples will make some beautiful pictures. Then will come time to taste different variety of apples to find one we prefer and of course the famous horse tour! Finally, at home, we'll taste nature, in compote, jam or crisp, fresh apples we finaly choose.

What apples to cook?

To prepare compote, you'll need a fruit with flesh that can be undone well while cooking. So, paula red, melba, vista bella and mcIntosh are perfect! If we want to make a crips or a pie, prefer apples with a flesh that'll become tender under cooking, but that will not deforms. In this case opt for empire, lobo, spartan, cortland and russet. Anyway cortland doesn't brownish once cutted. Good to know! For other kind of apples, add a bit of lemon juice and there you go!

5 recipes to cook apple and leek!

Ways to cook apple are as much diversified than the number of apple in an orchard. Here 5 recipes to rediscover the apple like you never tasted it before!

Quiche santé aux poireaux et aux pommes

Apples in a quiche? Yes mam'm, yes Sir! This fruit will fring a touch of sweets and acidity, so a good contrast of flavours. Plus, quiche is a very nutritious plate and sustaining which is worth its place on our menu. It can also be freezed if you want to make more!

Côtelettes de porc aux poireaux et aux pommes

Try out this simple recipe a week nights. A supper that will sure please all the family!

Croustade aux bleuets et aux pommes

You know, it's not great gastronomy, but hardcore fans of crips will like this version with blueberries! Crispy a lot, serves hot with ice cream or greek yogurt!

Tarte feuilletée aux poireaux, aux pommes et au camembert

Impossible to forget the timeless apples pie. This revisited recipe with cheese and leeks is very simple to make. Since a puff pastry replace the traitionnal pie pastry, we save lots of times!

Strudel aux pommes et poireaux

Here too, we just need a bit of puff pastry, leeks and some fruits. Talented in cooking! Plus, we can feel less ashamed to eat it for breakfast, dinner and supper since it's homemade!

Good picking and have a nice meal!