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Fermented foods are more and more trendy. We just have to think about the popularity of kombucha and tempeh which makes delicious recipes, like ones we just recently showed you! Here's a tour about fermented foods : benefits of fermentation and recipes to try out.

Fermentation of foods

Fermentation of foods is a technique which have been existing for millenaries now. This technique is a lot used to keep foods, just like it's the case with pickles in jars or good ol' sauerkraut your granny used to do! Without thinking much about it, you probably already eat fermented food (soy sauce, tamari sauce, miso, yogurt, etc.) or even drink fermented drink (wine, beer, kombucha) đŸ· đŸș at this very moment!

A food is fermented when microorganisms (yeast, mushrooms, bacterias, fungus) chnage water and sugar from a foo into alcohol or acid; it's this transformation that gives flavours to fermented foods. Not dangerous at all, these microorganisms are excellent for health!

Ensemble d’aliments fermentĂ©s bons pour la santĂ© et riches en probiotiques

Benefits of fermented foods

Fermented foods is rich with probiotics. It improves your diggestion and reinforce your immune system. If you're sensible to gluten, knows that microorganism's enzymes use for fermentation allows a better fragmentation and so, make you feel less discomfort. Fermentation of foods can also change nutritious facts of foods higher.

Fermented foods aren't only good for your health, it also makes you save money a lot! Instead of throwing your less fresh but still good vegetables, the lacto-fermentation is the solution. This technique is consisting in mecerating foods into water and salt to be able to keep it up to 1 year! Eggplant, asparagus, beetroot, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, pickle, beans, tomato and even leek are ones out of numerous possibilities. Another great way to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

Aliments fermentés : pots de différents légumes fermentés sur une table

5 recipes with fermented foods

Fired tempeh

Here's a simple tempeh recipe with Indonesian flavours! As an appetizer, with a sauce or as a main meal with rice and vegetables, it's delicious! 

Recette de tempeh frit, mets traditionnel indonésien (Mendoan)

Beer can and leeks chicken

Since beer is a fermented food, we couldn't avoid this delicious juicy chicken laying comfortably on the BBQ with a good beer can 😉

Poulet à la canette de biÚre (une boisson fermentée) avec des poireaux

Strawberries, bananas and kefir smoothie

A smoothie, it's perfect for breakfast. It's even better when you add kefir. It's a great source of A and B vitamin, calcium, protein and potassium. Kefir also add a light sparkling touch. This way you'll have an healthy drink and delicious to start the day right!

Smoothie santé aux fraises, aux bananes et au kéfir

Tofu miso soup

Miso is a fermented soy bean paste mainly use by Japanese. It's rich with B vitamin and offer a good proteins sources. Add miso paste to your soup in small amount since it's kind of salty and find out this delicious unami flavor!

Soupe de miso (pùte de fÚves de soya fermentées) avec des cubes de tofu


Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented spicy cabbage very simple to do, with few calories and rich with A vitamin. And in this side dish, there's leek... we couldn't avoid such a great idea! 😉

Recette de kimchi, un plat d’accompagnement corĂ©en de chou fermentĂ© avec ail et poireaux

At Crazy Leek, we love to help you discover new products, new tends and new recipes. Now that you know almost everything about fermented foods, we suggest you to find out everything about legumes!