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Automn exist for soups. Simply. Mixes are so infinite that one life only isn't sufficient to taste them all. Since time is missing, pull up your sleeves and start the blender!

What's fun with creamy soup is that they can be served as much as an apptizer than a main meal. It's also an excellent way to eat more vegetables. Plus, it can be freeze if no dairy products were added. Ah, and it allows to clean the refrigerator by recycling older foods!

Few tips to jazz your soups!

  • Add fruits!
  • Roast vegetables! Red peppers, for exemple, will add lots of flavours once roasted.
  • Variates spices.
  • Use milk or 5%, 10%, 15% or even 35% cream if you don't have any diet!
  • Add few drops of cream over your creamy soups before serving for a great visual!
  • Add bread croutons, almonds, bacon, cheese shavings or roasted pecans for garnishing to make your soup a bit more cirspy!
  • Add beer to it! Replace parts of liquids ingredients, more often chicken broth, with a blond or dark beer!
  • Add legumes before setting it all in the mixer to raise proteins intakes.


5 recipes of creamy soups with leeks

Since leek is so great into soups, here few recipes to try as soon as possible!

Potage au Gouda canadien et aux poireaux

In-between comfort food and a gastronomic plate, this Gouda and leeks creamy soup is perfect for automn eveneings when you're welcoming guests!

Potage aux betteraves et poireaux

Beetroot, this seasonal root vegetable, is honored in this creamy soup for our delight! To make it more healthy, here cream was replaced with yogurt. Had to think about it!

Potage parmentier aux poireaux

Made by a nutritionist dietitian, this parmentier creamy soup recipe is a simple way to add vegetables and fibers to your foods. Plus, it's vegetarian and gluten free, if you're careful to use gluten free dried chervil!

Potage aux chou-fleurs et aux poireaux

A grocery list of 5 ingredients, no need to find out a lot to please yourself. To plan : lots of happiness and little dishes to wash!

Potage de citrouille aux moules

Hard to stand still with this tasty automnal fruits! Rich with A vitamin, this creamy soup is nutritious and excellent for your health. If you have pumkins fleshes left, enjoy to make other recipes or cook it then freeze it for later on.

Have a nice time cooking!