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Why going to the sugar shack when you can bring the sugar shack at home? You surely know how to make scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, lil potatoes and ham! And it's for this very reason we won't give you recipes you already know of. We'll more likely suggest you variants of those classics, but more unique! Don't panic, we didn't forget maple!

A classic, or almost

Who says Shack says ham. We wouldn't have left it behind! Try out this recipe of maple roasted ham and orange leeks marmalade. Pst, the variant, it's the taste of orange... We're crazy crazy! By starting cooking this recipe earlier in the morning, it'll be ready and juicy for lunch time!

Jambon rôti à l’érable

Want to bake your own beans with bacon? It'll be a wonderful side dish with ham :  leeks and maple beans with bacon.

The funky

Cooked ham, it's great, but raw? You haven't think that out eh? But yes, prosciutto, is an italian ham... raw! Who'd believe this! To make a variant, we suggest you : prosciutto omelettes and maple caramelized leeks. Mmmmmm!

Omelette prosciutto, poireaux et érable

Just because it's funny to say out loud "tarte tatin" many times, we suggest one with leeks and maple syrup! No apples here, leeks is the main ingredients (and maple)!

The light one

If you plan great gran Easter meals, we suggest something more light, to give a break to your stomach. Try these  maple poached eggs over a nest of fried leeks and salad. Very economic for a meal, this recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare and a twentieth of minutes to bake. It may let you some more times to sleep!

Oeuf poché, érable, salade et poireaux

The intruder

No cravings for ham or eggs? We understand this. Let's bring the chicken! Once again, maple is put up front in this recipe of  chicken thighs with maple leeks fondue. Let's bet that you already have most of those ingredients under the hand for this recipe (mainly our leeks)!

Hauts de cuisses de poulet, poireaux et érable

The essential : dessert

Whatever you're cooking, in the end, it needs maple taffy (and good ol' maple butter, as a bonus). If not, what's the point! We also challenge you to resist the desire of going for a second round of these sweet blueberries dumplings to coat without any restriction with maple syrup. Be careful, it's gonna tickles in your mouth!

Hauts de cuisses de poulet, poireaux et érable

P.S. : Even if it's probably impossible, there's a possibility of maple syrup leftovers. True paradise products, it has numerous virtues. Only great excuses to put it all over the place!

Our inspiration

You're having familly over? Here's a beautiful list of "sugar shack's classics" to fill centimeters of your table!

  • Homemade bread with cretons
  • Peas soup
  • Sausages into syrup
  • Homemade Ketchup
  • Crêpes
  • Sugar pie
  • Crispy pork rinds

Bon appétit!