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There is some bad idea, and there also is some pretty bad idea. It's true, we often repeat it, Valentine's Day is a commercial celebration and we are enough indebted like this (even more after Christmas)!

When it's unnecessary to give to your loved one a cruise for 2 weeks in Hawaï (even if it would be welcomed), you can still put some efforts into it!

At GO, find an idea that will please this person who makes your heart beat harder!

The gift

Beforehand, lets revew the definition of this word with a large meaning.

  • Gift : something we offer to someone as a courtesy to please this person.

A tips.

Ask yourself : would she likes to receives car mats? Would he likes this milk chocolate box when he's actually diabetic?

You understand this principle!

Everyhting that can be put on your Saturday grocery list, forget it, same goes with things childrens may needs.

Also avoid gifts with a "subliminal messages" like concealer cream, a sweeper, a scale, mouthwash, an unwanted gym adhesion or shampoo for hair regrowth.

Gentlemen, when it may seems well intended to buy clothes for your partner, knows it can put you in a difficult situation if the size is too small or too large. Instead, go shopping with her if it's really the gift you intended. Or buy something safe : a scarf.

About practical gift, a gift-card for a gaz station clearly shows lack of creativity, a total forgetfulness of the date or a "I don't really care"  remarkable kind of message (in the same category, we can include lotto tickets, cash or worse, a check). 

The meal

It's always welcomed when the other one do some efforts to make our favorite dish, even more when you know that cooking isn't his cup of tea. But, we have to avoid some missteps :

A cold meal

A plate of sandwich or cold meats, says "Let's do it quick, to finish it all"! If you did an overdose of fondues and raclettes at Christmas and aren't ready yet to eat it again, you'll like this beef bavette with leeks, lemon, honey and mustard.

A spicy meal

If you're both fans of spicy stuff, then okay. If not, it's a one-way tickets to the bathroom, wich will probably wreck your evening. It's for you to see. Here a winning solution and sweet to taste :  pork medaillons with fresh tomatoes, shallots and asparagus.

Cellphone & meal

Is it necessary to say that being more attentive to your Facebook news feed is uncalled-for? Talk to each other! Here is a good conversation subject : how this recipe of leeks, beer, cheese and vegetables of your choice fondue could be better!? By adding pieces of baguette bread!

fast-food meal

Bringing back a meal in an unwelcome famous brown paper bag, isn't of any helps. There is so many caterers and good homemade dishes! Even better, if you know a friend with a particular talent in cooking (and that surprisingly owe you one, for exemple), why not doing an exchange of services and ask him to prepare a savory dish? You can even fournish the recipe you really want!  Why not this gratin salmon over leeks bed recipe? or even this roasted veal with bacon?

A mom's like dessert

Mom's desserts always have this little something special. It's an art. We cannot think that we masters like this one person which knows it by hearts, and which also knows at what exact page of her cooking book where there's a spot of dried chocolate that replace the dot on the "i" of "coulis". Try out something new : white chocolate brownies with raspberries, chocolate pie with strawberries or even sugary tablet with blueberries.

Weird drinks

The famous vodka with orange juice and rhum & coke, isn't welcomed. Try this real drink with the colors of love!


You're a bit sad to be alone for the only one celebration of love, it's normal. But avoid calling or texting your ex! It's simply a really bad idea! Call an other single friend and prepare a movie nights and going out for a "date" at home. And if you are numerous, why not playing poker or board games? Here are some ideas for easy and quick appetizers to prepare.

In conclusion...

If you don't have any intention to do something for Valentine's Day, it's favorable to say it, simply! This way,  if you fall asleep in front of the television with a good glass of wine in your hand while snorring, hopes for a romantic night will not have been destroyed!