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Your mom's dishes are the best, of course. But it doesn't stop you from try to surpass her with your own recipes for Father's day!

(We won't tell it only took 5 minutes to prepare.)

If you bring the entree : leeks butter canapes

Canapés au beurre de poireaux

Cheese + bread + leeks = Dreamy mix to patiently wait until dinner! Our leeks butter canapés is an ideal mix of classicals and originality.

If you do BBQ : healthy salmon papillote

Papillotes de saumon au BBQ

Have you already done your first barbecue of the summer? If not, after inspecting well your BBQ, enjoy Father's day to start summer with a delicious salmon papillote over the grill! Only 5 minutes to prepare and few simple ingredients and here we go!

If you lack inspiration for your first barbecue, take a look at our BBQ 2016 recipe book. Bonus : harmony of food, drink and music!

For a protein meal : minute meatlaof

Pain de viande aux  poireaux

You're searching for a very simple recipe that will make us believe you're a real chef? Our leeks meatloaf is delicious, and to prepare you only need to mix 7 ingredients and set in the oven! Perfect for busy and unexperimented people, but to your father criterias.

If you're more about brunch : bagels with smoked salmon

Bagel au saumon fumé et tombée de poireaux

You gathered around breakfast to celebrates? The Smoked salmon bagels with a nest of leeks are ideals to make a change to usual eggs with syrup. You bring all ingredients on place and everyone serves themselves!

For sweettooth meals : refreshing sorbet

Sorbet minute aux framboises et liqueur de litchi

If your father loves desserts, but also care about his weight, our delicious raspberries sorbet with raspberries and litchi liquor is the perfect compromise. Once again, 5 minutes to prepare, perfect for a beautiful Spring day and a final touch to your meal! If not, our desserts recipes with vegetables will probably get his attention!

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