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Meat lovers at home?

  • Their favorite pizza is the pepperoni sausage one, with extra ham
  • They say a breakfast without bacon, can't be called a breakfast
  • The word "tofu" gives them pimples

Great, these one are going to change their mind when they'll taste cheese, eggs, seasonings, and vegetables recipes without meat of Crezy Leek. Are you ready for this new challenge?

Asparagus rolls with hazelnuts and almond

Roulés d’asperges aux noisettes et amandes

Did you ever tried hazelnuts or almond powder? Delicious! Also perfect to fulfill needs of proteins needed in vegetarian diet.

Green beans salad with French roasted shallots and strawberries

Like half of your plate should be composed of vegetables, it would be crazy to deprive ourself with this refreshing warm salad! You'll be ratiated at the end of your meal and add a bunch of nutrients. And to hull strawberries, we have a tips for you!

Staggered eggplant

Étagé d’aubergines, noix et ricotta

This eggplant recipe will delight the most carnivorous : pesto, nuts, ricotta... a tasty mix! With only 25 caloriesfor 100g, lots of alimentary fibers, a tender texture, and a bunch of antioxidants ( inside the peels), eggplant is a winning choice to reduce your meat consumption.

Vegetables pie

Tourte aux légumes, au fromage et aux œufs

Not always easy to add vegetables to your alimentation! But including eggs, cheese to your vegetables, it becomes then tempting and at the same time you'll add protein needed for breakfast and dinner.

if you are searching for other solutions to include vegetables to your meal, then add it to desserts! We also have 7 easy recipes where you'll be able to slip them slowly.

Pumpkin and leeks Ratatouille

Ratatouille à la citrouille et aux poireaux

The plus with this ratatouille, is that it can accompany any other recipe. It's perfect to ease the transition for meat lovers to vegetarian diet.

By going gradualy, you'll sure convince your dearest carnivors to reduce, if not, eliminates meats from their alimentation.

Good cooking!