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At Chez nous, we're really Crazy Leek đŸ˜Š But how do we like to cook it? Find out a part of the answer right now with our Sales Manager at Cultures de chez nous, Richard Langlois's 5 favorites recipes.Also learn more about him. 

Who's Richard Langlois in 5 points

1. How did he learn cooking

" I've learn how to cook when I Ieft my parents house. I started then to buy cooking magazines and I took a real pleasure trying all sorts of recipes. "

2. What he can't live without in the kitchen

His Chef's knife.

3. His kitchen's nickname

" When I was young, my aunts used to call me Ricardo! "

4. His lifetime greatest meal

Fried squid and a lamb shank enjoyed at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc.

5. His favorite food

" I don't really have something precise on my mind, I almost love everything! "

His 5 beloved recipes

Leeks filet mignon

" A recipe to do and redo! "

He loves it for : the king of meats sitted over a throne of leeks, mushrooms and cream.. Download our recipe book to add this one into your favorites!

Filet mignon sur lit aux poireaux et champignons

Duck parmentier

" A classy shepherd's Pie! "

He loves it for : the fine taste of duck thighs with veal and leek.

Parmentier de canard

Chicken and leeks hamburger

" Guests are going to be flabbergasted! "

He loves it for : eating leeks over BBQ in summer and because it's so flavory!

Hamburger de poulet aux poireaux

Leeks and ham pennes

" A real delight! "

He loves it for : the mix of goat cheese with cream and ham, and pastas it's always so delicious!

Pennes aux poireaux et jambon

Leek's white rolls

" A pure delight! "

He loves it for : the subtle taste of leek's white with bechamel sauce and ham.

Roulés de blancs de poireaux nappés de sauce béchamel

You love leeks just like our Sales Manager Richard? Take a look at our Web site for all our recipes!