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Nature get back to its course, days are longer and warmer... good cues that the BBQ seasons is opened!  Combinations are almost infinite, so this summer, no reasons to eat chicken, pork, beef, fishes, seafood, and even vegetables, without marinades! 

Adding pleasure with a minimum of fats and calories, it tenderize your meats and fishes. We would be crazy not to do so! A perfect marinade countain three things : an acid ingredient, a fat and a leats one seasonings. After, you can add whatever you want. 

Here are some deicious recipes to try this summer! 

Peppadew BBQ chicken, warm salad of bells with leeks, arugala salad and fresh goat cheese

Roasted veal with raspberry marinaded

Honey and rapsberry vinagar, mustard chicken

Cinzano marinade and leeks

Chicken thigh highs and maple with leeks fondue

Pro tips for your marinades!

  • Serves the rest of your marinades in sauce by boiling it beforehand for 2 to 3 minutes to erase all mark of bacteria. Do not ever brush your cooked meats with a same marinade that has been in contact with raw meats.
  • Seeing their finesse, fishes and seafoods will be marinaded enough in 30 to 60 minutes, when chicken and pork will take for 4 to 6 hours; red meats need of course at least 4 to 12 hours and there is a need to count 24 hours for bigger pieces of red meats. Too much marinaded, some product can lose their finesse.
  • A marinade helps, but isn't magical! Choose beforehand a cut of meat already tender. A boot sole stay a boot sole before or after the cooking, with or without marinade.

Have a nice BBQ!