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People often says that eating fruits and vegetables is important. Eating it is great, but there's a need to diversify, it's better! Each food has its vitamins and minerals and this is why it's primary to variate what we consume.

Eating fruits and vegetables contributes, among all, to reduce risk of cancer and some heart disease. This is a simple habbits to take which leads to greater implications for the future. But, beware of how you ate it! Eating sweat potatoes in juliennes french fries, is delicious of crouse, butnthat much of a gain for you health! No more need to play ostrich right now!

Today, I bring your attention on 5 fruits and vegetables that absolutely needs to reach your healthy eating while suggerate as well some idea for sensible recipes!




A great neglected food, asparagus is worthy of place in your menu. Rich in folic acid it is unavoidable for pregnant womens or womens who wants to be pregnant! This green vegetables is an excellent sources of A, C, E, and K vitamins and chromium, minerals vector of fuel cells, either the ability of insulin to trasmit glucose. Raw asparagus has a great antixidant power, one of the highest of vegetables. In other terms, it acts on preventing cardiovascular disease, disease related to aging, and some cancer.

A cup contain less than 50 calories, 4 grams of fiber and more than a quarter of daily needs in vitamin C. There's no reasons to deprive!

Vichyssoise d'asperges

A simple soup without cream or milk, but yogurt. Put low in fat yogurt like light greek for a vichyssoise even more healthy!


Its taste is like one of the onion, but a bit more delicate. Like his little brother, he's very much versatile and accord itself with a great number of foods. Usually, in the kitchen, we will only use it's white part,which means the bulb.

Rich in water and low in calories, leeks is all right for a good diet. Among it's multiple propriety, we find out a high content in A and C vitamins, and in a more little part of it, B vitamin. On minerals side, he is rich in potassium, iron, and magnesium. It also contains silica, favorable to elasticity, and also calcium and phosphoric acid, both beneficial for the bones. 

Pain de viande aux poireaux

With only 7 ingredients and only one preparation, it's a weekly meal easy to do. This meatloaf also contains nutritional yeast, an excellent food to add to your diet.


Eating more strawberries, is not that hard. Its so delicious and juicy! Multipurpose, it goes so well in smoothies, desserts and even salads.Good sources of vitamins C, fresh strawberries or frozen ones increase the body immunity and productions of collagen, good for elasticity and resilience of the epidermis. In other words, the skin keeps its healthy and young look! Antioxidant propriety of the strawberries contribute to prevent apparitions of cataract and some cancers and also reduce joints inflamations, mostly sources of athritis.

Like if it wasn't enough, strawberries contains 134 mg of potassium by portions. So it helps to regularize blood pressure and keep low hypertension. Finally, its a great sources of fiber, necessary element for digestion and to Type 2 diabetes. Yes sir, this is why other adults with diabetes can really enjoy this fantastic fruits!

Salade aux fraises et au fromage Feta


We like raspberry for its great flavor, but also for its benefits which are numerous. Its ranked second fruits, right after the blackberry, in his fight against oxidation of bad cholesterol,  a great factor in cardiovascular diseases. In terms of calories, its similar to lemon or grapefruit, which is not a lot. Poor in sugar and rich in minerals and trace elements like copper, B9 and C vitamins, iron and manganese, its one of the healthiest food. Full of fiber, it helps to counter constipation and favorise lost of weigh.

Salade au canard confit, vinaigrette à la framboise

A lukewarm salad, sustainable and gourmet that will bring benefits on the organism.


Studies have proven that blueberries are the main sources for antioxidants, say anti-cancer, the bigger of all the smaller fruits. To say so, its an ally of size to fight against aging and heart disease. Its high content in anthocyanins ( the colorations of the blueberry skin), that protect against hypetension. Other researches showed that these same anthocyanins are associated with an augmentations of signals from neurons. Blueberry contribute to an augmentation of memory. So it would helps against Alzheimer and act as defense against colon cancer.

Croustillant aux bleuets et crème de cassis

This crispy delectable like one of a crisp has all antioxidant propriety. Like what it is possible to mix health and pleasure!

Enjoy your meal!