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After a meal between friends, we always say: "I ate too much!". This is because we let ourself be carried away by all these appetizers. But what if we only ate these?

Complètement poireau's team concocted an appetizers list super fast( less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook for most of them) to organize a meal full of little appetizers. Your appetite and as well as your guest will be satisfied!

Leeks butter canapés

Canapés au beurre de poireaux

Here's easy appetizers to prepare and which your guests are going to be crazy about. Butter, mustard and leeks, did you ever thought about it? Us, yes! You'll see, trying it, it's addopting.

Asparagus and prosciutto appetizers

Petites bouchées d’asperges et de prosciutto

Prosciutto is a regular of appetizers, and we know why : it's delicious! Combine with asparagus and creamy cheese, it's even better. Its also ready in less than 30 minutes!

Small leeks and bacon chicken kebab

Mini-brochettes de poulet, poireaux et bacon

In the oven or BBQ, these kebab are so tasty and goes so well with every kind of events. Be infromed that if you are one of these who likes grills all year long, these recipe arein our special BBQ book! (And all of our recipes books are here).

Champaign and cream grilled oyster

Huîtres grillées au champagne et à la crème

Want to impress everyone? These oyster are enough! They're both flashy and fast to prepare. 

Tempura leeks mignons with beer

Tempura de mignons de poireaux à la bière

It is not a dream, fried leeks with beer! And you could also frie all your favorite vegetables for variations. 

Nice appetizers meal!

Psst, if you want to organize an complete meal, we also have tips to welcome here.