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Ah... the slow cooker! The kitchen appliance that makes the preparation of many recipes so simple😊. We often use the slow cooker during the winter for its convenience and the ability to quickly cook comforting recipes. Of course, in our house, we love cooking slow cooker recipes with leeks 😉.

What’s most fun about slow-cooker recipes?

  1. A very short preparation time
  2. A device that does virtually all the work for us
  3. Tasty, comforting recipes that work every time

Imagine you at the chalet preparing dinner in just a few minutes. While you’re skiing or snowboarding, your dinner will be cooking to perfection all day long! It’s almost heaven 😉.

To help you make the most of your day and have a comforting dish on your return, here are our 5 easy slow-cooker recipes featuring our fabulous Quebec leeks!

Slow-cooked beer-braised beef with leeks

We start this top 5 slow cooker recipes with a tasty, tender and juicy beer-braised beef 🤤. You can't go wrong with beef, bacon and leeks cooking for 8 hours in a creamy beer, Dijon mustard and cream cheese sauce.

Recette facile à la mijoteuse : bœuf braisé à la bière et poireaux à la mijoteuse

Chicken stew with slow-cooker cream sauce

6 hours 30 minutes is all it takes to make this slow-cooker chicken stew. After the 20-minute preparation time for the vegetables and chicken, you only have to wait for the slow cooker to work its magic. You can accompany this slow-cooker stew with leek mashed potatoes, caramelized cauliflower purée or pilaf rice. We suggest buying family-size chicken breasts to save money and cook several recipes with similar ingredients. You can use them for our following slow-cooker recipe.

Recette de ragoût de poulet avec des poireaux, de la courge et plusieurs légumes dans une sauce crémeuse qui cuit dans la mijoteuse

Slow-cooked chicken with peppers and leeks

In addition to cooking your slow-cooker chicken breasts differently, this chicken with peppers and leeks recipe serves perfectly with one of the side dishes in the previous recipe or the pasta side dish in the following recipe 😊.

Recette de poulet aux poivrons et aux poireaux à la mijoteuse sur un lit de pâtes

Osso buco simmered with leek fondue

This slow-cooker osso buco with leek fondue and simple, tasty pasta with butter, Parmesan and fine herbs will surely please everyone honoured to try it. We love a slow-cooker recipe that’s ready to eat in 2 hours!

Recette à la mijoteuse d’osso buco mijoté avec fondue de poireaux et pâtes au beurre, au fines herbes et au parmesan

Slow cooker cheese soufflé omelette

We end this top 5 with a slow cooker brunch recipe. Yes, it’s possible to cook an omelette directly in a slow cooker 😊. Ready in 3 hours and 15 minutes, it’s accompanied by a garnish of sautéed vegetables, including leeks, red peppers and mushrooms. A guaranteed Sunday delight!

Recette d’omelette soufflée au fromage cuit dans une mijoteuse et accompagnée de poireaux, de poivrons et de champignons

Leek recipes that simmer, simmer, cook and enjoy anytime.

In winter, we love the comfort of warm, flavour-filled recipes. Winter (and all year round!) is the perfect time to add a touch of leeks to your recipes. When spring comes and the first asparagus harvests begin, we’ll still be on hand to delight your taste buds with recipes featuring our local asparagus.

And don’t forget, we’ve also got strawberry, raspberry and blueberry recipes for your desserts, brunches and even an article featuring berries in non-dessert recipes (in French)!

Enjoy your meal!