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Now you know how asparagus is grown at Les Cultures de chez nous (in French), and you’ve discovered Serge’s homemade asparagus seasoning. It’s a simple recipe that’s so good! And since Quebec asparagus is the best, especially ours, available in every grocery store 😉, we’ve decided to present our 20 best asparagus recipes for brunch, appetizers, main meals and even dessert!

Ready to fall in love with our favourites? Let’s get started!

6 asparagus recipes for a restaurant brunch

Crepes stuffed with ham and asparagus

Pancakes are so brunchy. With asparagus, ham, béchamel sauce and cheese, this crepe recipe raises the bar for any brunch. And if you ever want to eat these crepes for lunch or dinner, that’s okay! After all, you don’t have to eat crepes only in the morning 😉

Recette avec asperges pour le brunch : des crêpes farcies au jambon et asperges

Vol-au-vent with scrambled eggs and asparagus

How do you eat your eggs in the morning? For those who love scrambled eggs, you’ll love these asparagus vol-au-vent for brunch!

Cuisiner les asperges au brunch dans un vol-au-vent aux œufs brouillés

Eggs Benedict with asparagus

These are probably the most popular eggs at brunch. No doubt some restaurants boast the best egg Benedict in town. But with our recipe, we’re pretty sure yours will be the best!

Recette brunch comme au resto avec des œufs bénédictine aux asperges

Poached eggs on grilled asparagus

Eggs and asparagus are definitely a pairing for brunch recipes 😉 With a poached egg and a perfectly runny yolk; this brunch recipe is sure to please!

Meilleure recette de brunch avec des asperges : œufs pochés sur asperges grillées

Asparagus puff pastry (in French)

Crunchy, tasty, cheesy. 3 words that sum up this delicious asparagus brunch recipe!

Recette d'asperges pour le brunch dans un feuilleté

Ham and asparagus stratta

This stratta looks strangely like a quiche but with a bread crust rather than a pastry crust. With the rest time required for preparation, we suggest you make it the day before your brunch. You’ll see, it’s well worth the wait!

Recette d'asperges dans une stratta au jambon pour le brunch

Start dinner with one of the 6 best asparagus appetizers

Cream of asparagus soup

There’s nothing better than a good soup or cream of asparagus appetizer before dinner. Creamy texture, sublime taste. What more could you ask for 😊

Recette d'entrée avec une crème d'asperges

Asparagus gratin 

Ah, a gratin! Here’s a simple recipe to prepare with asparagus as an appetizer.

White cheese sauce + asparagus au gratin = cheese lovers’ heaven.

Entrée gratinée avec des asperges au four

Warm potato and asparagus salad

Are you ready to cook asparagus in a recipe worthy of the best restaurants? With our warm potato and asparagus salad recipe, everyone will love your appetizers.

Recette d'entrée avec des asperges : salade tiède de patates et asperges

Warm asparagus, rocket and strawberry salad (in French)

For a warm salad with summer flavour, here’s the solution! Accompanied by a good toast, like the famous flatbread featured in our unusual BBQ recipes, you’ll be sure to please at the table 😊

Recette d'asperges en salade avec des fraises et de la roquette

Asparagus with Dijon sauce

This recipe quickly creates an excellent asparagus appetizer and lets you prepare a simple Dijon sauce that can be kept in the fridge for a few weeks. The perfect sauce to accompany your favourite vegetables!

Entrée d'asperges avec une sauce dijonnaise

Asparagus and spinach soup

Before moving on to the main course, this velouté will satisfy your taste buds. What’s more, this recipe with asparagus also contains the leeks we love so much 😍.

Entrée pour cuisiner les asperges dans un velouté aux asperges et épinards

6 recipes for cooking asparagus as a main meal

Chicken stuffed with asparagus and Swiss cheese (in French)

For chicken lovers, this recipe with asparagus is for you. With prosciutto, cream, sun-dried tomato pesto and cheese, you know the chicken will be tender and flavourful!

Repas principal pour cuisiner un recette d'asperges : poulet farci

Salmon fillet on BBQ with asparagus (in French)

Since Quebec’s asparagus season coincides with the start of the BBQ season, we thought it was a good idea to combine it all in the same recipe 😊. And salmon fillet cooked on a cedar plank is divine. Imagine cooking asparagus on it too!

Recette de filet de saumon sur planche de cèdre sur le bbq accompagné d'asperges

Thin ham and asparagus pizzas

Here are some thin pizzas that aren’t flat at all to eat 😉. This recipe for asparagus and ham pizzas is for 4 guests, and no one will be able to resist an extra slice 🍕.

Meilleure recette d'asperges au plat principal : pizzas fines au jambon et asperges

Spaghetti or linguine with shrimp, asparagus and cherry tomatoes (in French)

With the right ingredients, this simple pasta is a must for asparagus and shrimp lovers!

Recette de pâtes avec des asperges, tomates cerises et basilic

Orzo salad with asparagus and grilled chicken

The great thing about orzo is that it can be eaten hot for a comforting dish or cold as a salad for a cool dish on hot days. Hot, warm or cold, this salad is absolutely perfect!

Cuisiner les asperges avec une salade d'orzo, asperges et poulet grillé

Parmesan-crusted filet mignon with asparagus fricassee

Every time we’ve made this recipe, our guests have loved it. Is it the Parmesan crust, the filet mignon or the asparagus fricassee? It’s probably a happy combination of all!

Recette d'asperges en fricassée avec filet mignon en croûte de parmesan

Yes, yes, dessert recipes with asparagus!

Sweet asparagus sorbet (in French)

Asparagus sorbet—amazing, isn’t it? We could well add this unusual flavour to our original ice cream recipes (in French). Asparagus always surprises me with its versatility!

Dessert avec des asperges : sorbet sucré

Savoury asparagus, ham and Gruyère muffins

Do you find it strange to mix sugar and asparagus in a sorbet? This time, we suggest this savoury dessert with asparagus. Also, perfect as an afternoon snack 😊

Muffins salés aux asperges pour les cuisiner en dessert

All these asparagus recipes make you really hungry! Do you love them as much as we do? Our Quebec asparagus is available in grocery stores everywhere! We’ve also prepared a beautiful article with 7 recipes for asparagus as a side dish (in French). We’ve also got lots of other asparagus recipes in our recipes section. Let us know which one is your favourite 😃