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You probably have a favorite wine. A wine you always buy each time because you know it's a safe bet (and that you always recieves, for the same reason!). But will it please as much as your guest than you? We have for you 5 easy meals to cook and their ideal wine to avoid any missteps, its granted!

Braised beef with leeks

Braisé de boeuf à la bière et aux poireaux

William Fèvre Espino Gran
Cuvée Pinot Noir 2012
Vin rouge, 750 ml

Fiche SAQ

In general, the more the meats is spicy, the more the wine also needs to be. To accompany this delicious recipe which combines leeks, bacons, mushrooms and Dijon's mustard, a red wine like the William Fèvre Espino Gran is perfect. Its soft tannin (the sensation of roughness or drought in your mouth) get along with beef and its fruity side refreshes it.

Pork tenderloins with leeks mignons

Filets de porc aux mignons de poireaux

Chartier Créateur d'Harmonies
Fronsac 2012
Vin rouge, 750 ml
Fiche SAQ

An aromatic and soft wine is suitable for every type of red meats, and so, very well with this pork with leeks mignons recipe. This Merlot de Fronsac, with its tannin, highlights the pronounced taste of pork. Its fruity taste equilibrates all with freshness.

Ham and leeks pizza

Pizza au jambon et aux poireaux


Vin rouge, 750 ml
Fiche SAQ

For this vitaminized pizza, what's better than a good classical fruity and light wine like the Beaujolais Pisse-Dru. Its sugary taste recalls and intensify the taste of the tomato sauce marvelously. For a seafoods pizza like  this one, white one is preferable for its sweetness.

Parmesan with leeks meatballs

Boulettes de parmesan aux poireaux

Faustino V
Reserva 2010

Vin rouge, 750 ml
Fiche SAQ

Here an option for an enticing 5 to 7! Savory appetizers and a good Fautisno V red wine to enhance its taste. But, if you choose spicy sausage for your meatballs, prefer a lighter white wine or beer, since red wine and spicy meals do not get along well in mouth.

Ham and leeks cannellonis

Cannellonis au jambon et aux poireaux

Vin rouge, 750 m
Fiche SAQ

Following the Italian tradition (and our taste buds), the Chianti is the ideal red wine for pastas with acid tomato sauce. Our cannellonis (and ham pizza) are then perfect for it! For pastas with a béchamel like white sauce, privilieges a white wine. Tips : think white wine with a clear sauce and red wine with a tomato sauce.

If you are stressed when comes time to recieves guest, we also have for you  tips for an unforgattable meal.

Have a nice meal and good mix of meals and wine!