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Having a zero waste lifestyle it's easier than what we could think! Here's some zero waste tricks that will allow you to reduce waste and which will do good to the planet! đŸŒŽ

Definition of a zero waste lifestyle

A zero waste lifestyle, it's :

  • Reduce waste at maximum
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced 
  • Avoid to buy wrapped stuff
  • Only buy what you really need
  • Recycle and compost everything left

Buying locally also favorise zero waste. Even if a product is sold without wrappings, it may have traveled a lot before going into your plate and it's transport will produce lots of waste. It's better to buy locally. 

Only buy what you really need 

To avoid wasting foods, the first thing to do is to buy only what you need. If you buy a large amount of fruits and vegetables, blanch and freeze your vegetables stays the best way to keep it longer.

Zéro déchet : produits frais et locaux dans des sacs réutilisables

Cooking zero waste

For fruits and vegetables, nothing's easier! Carry into reusable bags and wash with a coconut fiber brush. Use vegetable peels to cook zero waste. And before composting, make a delicious homemade vegetables broth! You may also cook peels from fruits and vegetables. And for more taste in your bolognese sauce, add a part of parmesan crust while it simmers!

For meat, some butcher wrap meat with a reusable paper. You may also ask your butcher to use your reusable container by asking top sign a discharge.

Use ecological and reusable products 

We recently talked about 10 ecological and reusable products in the kitchen. Use it daily to make one more step towards a zero waste lifestyle đŸ™‚ For on the go lunches, think about carrying washable utensils!

Trucs zéro déchet : utiliser des sacs en coton lavables pour transporter ses fruits et légumes

Buy local and bulk foods

More and more shops in Quebec allows to serve products you'd like to buy into your own containers. Thanks to the Zero Waste Circuit, you'll find all local shopkeepers which values a zero waste lifestyle!

At the right season, take the habits of picking up your own fruits and vegetables on farms site. This way, you'll get lots of good fruits and vegetables at low price, plus doing a really fun activity with the kids!

Few places to buy bulk foods

Une dame achÚte des produits en vrac avec ses contenants réutilisables dans une épicerie zéro déchet

Make your own cleaning products

Buying your cleaning products in bulk is also a good zero waste tricks. It's disponible at many bulk shops. But, you may also make it yourself easily. Vinegar, water and baking soda and lemon or orange will be your allies to make your cleaning products for the great spring cleaning! And why not make your own homemade bar soap đŸ™‚

Produits mĂ©nagers faits maison avec de l’eau, du vinaigre et du bicarbonate de soude

Finally, in a zero waste lifestyle, each little gesture counts and it's not a competition đŸ˜‰ What's important, it's to go step by step and cook delicious recipe with local products!