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Apple recipes for brunch, appetizer, main course or dessert

When autumn starts to show its face, for us, it’s right in the middle of harvesting leeks at Sainte Brigitte des Saults. But for others, the smell of autumn comes with a visit to an orchard to pick apples 🍎🍏! To cook this juicy Quebec fruit differently than in classic apple pie 🥧, we’ve got 8 apple recipes for you in which we add leeks, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries! Our leeks and local berries go so well with Quebec apples 😀.

Apple and leek recipes for brunch

Apple, leek and Gruyère tart

We told you we would do something different and not talk about apple pie 🤭! This apple pie recipe is anything but classic. This tart recipe is perfect for brunch with its bread crust, eggs, easy-to-cook sliced leeks, and Gruyère cheese! We also have a gluten-free version of this apple and leek tart for those with gluten intolerance.

Brie, leek and apple braid

To accompany your Sunday brunch, we suggest a recipe for brie, leek and apple braid this time. Between two bites of soufflé cheese omelette or vegetarian omelette, there’s something for everyone!

Warm and comforting apple and leek starters

Bob le Chef’s apples stuffed with leek, bacon and sweet potato

The Cortland apple is perfect for cooking on the BBQ. Like a bowl that can be eaten, these stuffed apples served as an appetizer or side dish are bursting with flavour!

Cream of leek and apple soup

On a cool autumn evening, after picking apples with family and friends in the orchard, you can warm your heart with this delicious leek and apple cream appetizer before moving on to the main meal.

Main course features apples and leeks

Poultry rolls with leek fondant

What we love (and Serge, of course!) is that the melting Swiss cheese blends perfectly with the apple, pecan and leek flavours. Serve these chicken rolls with potato and leek salad or Mexican-style rice salad, and you’re done!

One pot with pork, leeks and maple caramelized apples

The magic of this recipe for a main course with apples is that everything cooks in the same pan! So, there’s less washing up and more time to enjoy this pork dish with leeks and maple caramelized apples 😊.

Apple and berry desserts for sweet teeth

Blueberry and apple crumble

Did you stop by Les Cultures de chez nous this summer and freeze some blueberries? Perfect! This apple crisp recipe is sublime when you add blueberries from our fields of St Cyrille 😊.

Fruit puff pastry

The great thing about fruit dessert recipes is that you can use one recipe as a base and vary the fruit according to the season and your cravings! This fruit puff pastry recipe, 4 sliced nectarines are indicated, but you could just as easily use 4 sliced apples 🍎! And why not replace the sliced strawberries with whole raspberries 😉. This is a great way to enjoy freshly picked apples and add some of our U-pick raspberries from St Cyrille!

Pick your fruit and vegetables

Do you love going to the orchard to pick your apples in autumn? You can also pick your own fruits and vegetables on many Quebec farms. We’ve devoted an article to this fun activity for family and friends, giving you 5 reasons to pick your own (in French), along with our top pick-your-own addresses.

For our local leeks, harvesting has begun, but they are unavailable for U-pick. You can find them whole or sliced in your favourite grocery store!

PS: We still have some precious help picking our 9 million leeks 😉 😂.