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Eating vege doesn't mean only eating salad! Here's 6 classical recipes as good, or if not better than its original meat version! And for ones that can't live without meat we also linked its meat version 😉 Have fun!


Tofu isn't the only ingredients that can make great patty. This vege burger with chickpeas patty will please you for sure!

Its classical meat version : Chicken burgers with curry sauce

Hamburger avec galette de pois chiches, tomates et une sauce au yogourt et aux herbes

Pad thaï

Asian meals lover? Tofu also fits wonderfully in this tofu and cashew nuts vegan pad thaï. To eat with chop sticks or a fork without restriction!

Its classical meat version : Chicken and shrimps authentic pad thaï

Pad thaï avec tofu, noix de cajou, coriandre et lime

Shepherd's Pie

If Thérèse de La Petite Vie would've said : " Lentils, corn, potatoes! ", the joke would've probably been less funny, but as delicious! Mixed with a mixture of sweet potatoes and cauliflowers in this vegetarian Shepherd's Pie recipe... it's simply divine!

Its classical meat version : Mexican Shepherd's Pie

Pâté chinois aux lentilles avec maïs, purée de patates douces et chou-fleur

Shredded pork sandwich

Shredded pork is very popular in sandwiches. In this pork free vege sandwich, you'll be surprise of its similarity with pork for its look, taste and texture. Just by looking at this picture, its impossible not to resist to eat one right on the spot!

Its classical meat version : Maple shredded pork sandwich

Sandwich au porc effiloché sans porc et végé, avec fruit du jacquier et salade de choux


For a comfort food, exquisite and nourishing, opt for this Bob Le Chef's vegetarian chili. And just like its meat version, it may be frozen well if you made too much! But I'm sure there won't be much left, since it's so delicious 😉

Its classical meat version : Leeks and sausage chili

Chili végétarien avec haricots, champignons Portobello, poivrons, courges, carottes et ail

Let it be in a meat or vegetarian recipe, what would you say about replacing onion by our delicious leeks? We always do it! Find out all our recipes and why it's so good 😊