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Autumn is the season to harvest our local leeks from our fields at Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults. We’ve already told you how we grow leeks here, from seed to harvest. Now it’s time to cook them!

To get a meal off to a good start or to accompany it in the most delicious way possible, there’s nothing better than leeks 😉. We’ve got lots of recipe ideas for appetizers and side dishes with leeks accompanied by cheese 🧀, seafood đŸ€, potatoes đŸ„” or root vegetables đŸ„•!

Surprise your guests with leek and cheese appetizers

If you’re like Serge, you’re a big fan of cheese. Leeks and cheese go well together in many appetizer recipes. Here are 4 that you and your guests will love.

Leek gougères with Charlevoix Migneron cheese

These cute little balls of cheesy dough are filled with a tasty filling that’s just as cheesy!

GougÚres de poireaux au fromage Migneron de Charlevoix comme entrée fromagée aux poireaux

Leek and tomato tartines with Brie cheese

Bread, tomatoes, cheese. Three essential ingredients to make the perfect sandwiches for weekend aperitifs or late-night snacks!

Entrée de tartines de poireaux et tomates au fromage Brie

Tartines of St-Paulin and maple caramelized leeks

You’ll see that the maple syrup adds a nice, sweet touch to the leeks, which will go wonderfully with the St-Paulin cheese.

Entrée de tartines de fromage St-Paulin et de poireaux caramélisés à l'érable

Leek and Oka cheese croutons

We’re already drooling đŸ€€. The beauty of cheese and its bewitching taste reach their peak when grilled to perfection on a piece of bread topped with leeks as an appetizer!

Croûtons aux poireaux et au fromage Oka parfaits pour une entrée ou un plat d'accompagnement

Celebrate special occasions with festive leeks and seafood

Any occasion is a good reason to celebrate 🎉 the holidays, dinners with family and friends, sporting events, brother-in-law parties and more. In the festive leek and seafood appetizers department, here are 4 recipes to delight your guests.

Grilled oysters with champagne and cream

This grilled oyster appetizer remains the crème de la crème of festive appetizers. Champagne đŸŸ!

Entrée festive d'hußtres grillées au champagne et à la crÚme

Scallops on leek fondant

Even people who don’t go nuts for scallops will want more because it’s so good.

Recette de fruits de mer, pétoncles sur fondant de poireaux comme entrée

Mussels with curry and leek

Accompanied by thyme fries (in French), everyone will love this mussel recipe as an appetizer, main course or side dish.

Recette de moules au cari et aux poireaux pour une entrée, un plat d'accompagnement ou un plat principal

Shrimp and leek puff pastry

Crispy pastry, juicy shrimp, and a tasty garnish—you couldn’t ask for a better sharing appetizer.

Recette de feuilletés croutillants aux crevettes et aux poireaux pour une entrée avec des fruits de mer

Combine leeks and potatoes for a perfect side dish

Cheese isn’t the only thing that goes perfectly with leeks. The potatoes don’t give away their place! Simply incomparable 😊.

Mashed potatoes with leeks

Classic mashed potatoes take on a new sublime flavour when leeks are added. This leek mashed potato is an excellent accompaniment to any fish, meat, tofu, TVP, tempeh (in French) or other dish!

Recette de purée de pommes de terre aux poireaux en accompagnement d'un plat principal

Potato and leek salad

Here’s a perfect side salad for your BBQ dishes.

Salade de pommes de terre et poireaux pour accompagner des recettes sur le BBQ

Fried potatoes with leeks

Using Les Cultures de chez nous sliced leeks (available in grocery stores such as Maxi, IGA, Super C, Metro and Provigo) saves much preparation time since they’re already washed, cut and ready to cook. All you have to do is open the bag!

Plat d'accompagnement de pommes de terre sautées avec des poireaux

Rösti with cheddar cheese and leeks

We love röstis as a side dish, as an alternative to the fries in the famous steak frites or the hash browns at brunch. What’s more, they can be frozen!

Accompagnement de röstis de pommes de terre au cheddar et aux poireaux pour le brunch

Warm up with comforting soups and creams with leeks and root vegetables

Like potatoes, many other root vegetables like to join leeks for succulent soups. Here are 4 recipes for leek soups and veloutés enhanced with root vegetables to warm your guests’ hearts as appetizers.

Beet and leek soup

Thanks to the colouring provided by the beets, this soup not only looks good, but it tastes good, too!

Recette de potage aux betteraves et poireaux pour un plat en entrée

Simple root vegetable soup

Here’s another soup recipe that’s all about colour. Vibrant colours and downright delicious! Imagine it with a dash of fresh cream spiralling through the middle... Shall we give it a try?

Recette de velouté simplissime aux légumes racines pour servir en entrée

Parsnip and leek soup

We love the toasted pecans that add a crunch to this soup, and we’re charmed by the salty touch of crumbled feta cheese.

Potage aux panais et poireaux pour servir comme entrée chaude et réconfortante

Leek and potato soup

Well, well! Potatoes can also be used in soups 😉. Decorate with sliced leeks for a wow effect as an appetizer.

Potage aux poireaux et pommes de terre à servir chaud pour une entrée réconfortante

Leeks: good in all recipes

There’s no shortage of recipes for cooking leeks! It’s safe to say that leeks are good in everything: as an appetizer, a side dish, a main course and even as a dessert in an apple and leek strudel!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, we suggest you stock up on leek. No need to have a recipe in mind before you buy. Just incorporate them into your favourite recipes 😉! And if you need inspiration, we’ve got tons of leek recipes to suit every taste 😊.