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It’s well-known that I have a thing for cheese. You’ve probably noticed it in my articles, like the one where I present 12 pizza recipes, from starter to dessert. I’ve seen that I’m not the only one who loves cheese 🧀. So, I decided to devote an entire article to the golden cheese that stretches when you make an excellent gratin dish! I won’t leave you waiting longer because I imagine you’re already drooling 😉. Now it’s time to discover my favourite au gratin recipes!

Cheese au gratin for brunch, please

There are so many classic recipes for brunch. Crazy Leeks gave 9 recipe ideas with leeks, asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to get the weekend off on the right foot. There will obviously be a lot of melted cheese in the brunch recipes I’m proposing, as that’s the theme of my article 😉.

Croissants with leek and sun-dried tomatoes

Warm croissants, soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, with a topping of sliced leeks, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese. You can’t go wrong with these!

Sausage and leek frittata

This cheesy brunch recipe is outstanding and perfect for serving in ramekins. I made it at my last brunch with friends, and everyone loved it!

Rösti with cheddar cheese and leeks

For me, rösti for brunch is not only beautiful on a plate, it’s downright delicious! It’s a great alternative to hash brown breakfast potatoes.

Grilled cheese recipes as appetizers or side dishes

I feel like I’ll never be able to live without cheese. Even when my recipe contains no, I always add some to a dish, like pasta! And, if ever my main course doesn’t have cheese, I don’t hesitate to start with a starter with cheese or choose a gratin side dish to go with my meal 😊.

Asparagus in phyllo pastry

It’s no secret that Quebec asparagus from Les Cultures de chez nous is sublime. Imagine them with phyllo pastry and Calabrese sausage surrounding them, with a touch of golden Parmesan on top. This brings me to just one word in my mouth: yum 🤤!

Peppers stuffed with mushrooms, zucchini and Italian sausage

I love vegetables that can also be used as bowls when garnished. Once cut in two, the bell pepper is perfect for this, as it offers a vast cavity you can fill before gratinating with cheese on top.

Chili with leek and sausage

Homemade chilli on nachos is the best of the best! If you love nachos as much as I do, you’ll probably fall head over heels for my 5 decadent homemade nacho recipes, too 😉.

Main courses au gratin: to each his tartiflette

There are tons of tartiflette recipes out there! On the Crazy Leeks’ website, you’re spoiled for choice. So, I couldn’t limit myself to just one recipe 😉. Whatever the version, all tartiflettes are good with cream and potatoes!

Quebec-style tartiflette

Bacon fans are in for a treat with this tartiflette recipe. Being a big fan of bacon, potatoes and melted cheese, this version won me over!

Tartiflette with salmon and leeks

I love sliced leeks, especially the ones in the Les Cultures de chez nous bags at the grocery store because they make my cooking life so much easier. They’re already washed, sliced and ready to cook. What more could you ask for? Ah yes, to add them to a tartiflette with chunks of salmon 🐟

Tartiflette with leeks and Reblochon cheese

To cook this tartiflette recipe, there are 2 possible methods: a more traditional gastronomic way and a slightly lazier, but just as good! Which one will you choose?

Grilled and golden cheese main courses

Since I also wanted to give you other recipes for au gratin main courses that aren’t tartiflette 😉, I’m offering 3 of my biggest favourites regarding grilled cheese recipes.

Gratin of penne with chicken, leeks, spinach and brie cheese

Ah, pasta au gratin 🍝... one of my favourite dishes, no matter the time of the year. In this one, the brie cheese brings lots of flavour and a nice creamy touch!

Croque-asparagus with smoked trout and two-cheese sauce

I often accompany my croque asparagus with a delicious soup or velouté for a satisfying and tasty main course. In the Recipes section of the Crazy Leeks’ website, let me tell you that there are plenty of soups, veloutés and creams to choose from! You won’t be disappointed 😊. Also, for a change on croque asparagus, I sometimes replace smoked trout with ham, mortadella or a charcuterie I have in the fridge.

Veal cutlets Parmigiana and grilled asparagus

Here’s an Italian-style gratin recipe worthy of the finest restaurants. With Quebec asparagus to boot... it’s just wow! As for the escalopes, you can also try the recipe by replacing the veal with chicken or thinly sliced tofu if you like it!

Seas of cheese to explore

I could have spent all day telling you about cheese au gratin on a host of recipes I love. But I have to save some for next time 😉. Do you still want to discover other cheesy recipes? There’s no shortage of choice in the recipes section of the Crazy Leeks website. There’s also an article dedicated to 7 Quebec cheeses for luxurious grilled cheese! As you read this article, the cheese lover in you will be charmed by the scent of grilled cheese that your brain will imagine.

And finally, if you like cheese fondue, I recommend an extraordinary one: The fondue we'll ask for!  This cheese fondue is called that simply because it’s so good and cheesy it’s sure to make you want more.

Enjoy the cheese, and see you soon!