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Since February, we’ve been working hard to pamper them, and soon they will be ready to be harvested! Of course, we’re talking about our fabulous local leeks from Sainte Brigitte des Saults 😃. By the way, to learn all about our leeks production, we invite you to read our article on how to grow perfect leeks.

But first, we decided to present you with 10 dinner recipes to be made either with whole leeks or with our bags of sliced leeks, which you can find in your favourite grocery store's prepared fruits and vegetables section. Let’s discover these fabulous recipes!

Use whole leeks in your recipes to enjoy the finesse of leek mignons 

Leek is a beautiful and versatile vegetable that can be eaten whole. Yes! Everything can be eaten, both the white part and the green part! We mainly use the leek mignon (the white part) in the following recipes, but please keep the green part! 😉 It’s sublime in soups, salads, dips, broths, stews and more! It’s also excellent for replacing onions (just like the white part) in any recipe. Okay, enough talking! Here are our 5 recipes for dinners with whole leeks!

Oven-roasted leek mignons

These oven-roasted leek inions are perfect to go with any dish. They also go very well in this recipe with red bell pepper, baby potatoes, garlic and rosemary!

Recette avec des poireaux entiers : des mignons de poireaux rôtis au four avec poivron rouge, patates grelots et ail


Leek mignons hot-dog

Do you remember Serge’s article about 5 vegetarian hot-dog recipes to try? This leek mignons hot-dog recipe could have been in his top 5, too!

Recette de hot-dog aux mignons de poireaux pour faire une version végétarienne du hot-dog


Pork tenderloin with leek mignons

Pesto, leek inions and pork tenderloin on BBQ 🤤. It’s the perfect dinner recipe with whole leeks to go with our vegetable skewers with Doré Mi cheese!

Souper de filet de porc farci de pesto et de mignons de poireaux sur le BBQ


Leek mignons with shrimp stuffing

Tube-cut leek whites are perfect with a cream, white wine and shrimp filling, as in this recipe for leek mignons stuffing!  

Blancs de poireaux farcis avec une garniture à la crème, au vin blanc et aux crevettes


Leek mignons cannelloni

The leek mignons offer a delicious and tender filling to this cannelloni recipe. Moreover, sliced leeks are a great complement to the tomato and roasted bell pepper sauce!

Cannellonis de mignons de poireaux avec une sauce aux tomates, poireaux tranchés et poivrons grillés


Use sliced leeks to create quick and easy dinners

Not to brag, but our bags of sliced leeks come in handy 😉! Each contains the equivalent of 2 leeks, sliced, washed and ready to cook. All you have to do is open the bag and add them to your recipes! To enjoy our sliced leeks and take advantage of their ease of cooking, here are 5 recipes that show them off to their best advantage.

Mediterranean chicken salad

This chicken salad brings freshness and flavour to each bite. This chicken salad combines freshness and flavour in every bite. It’s also perfect for reusing BBQ chicken from last night’s dinner!

Salade de poulet à la méditerranéenne faite avec des poireaux tranchés Les Cultures de chez nous


Chicken, leeks and arugula pizza

Speaking of chicken, here’s another recipe that puts it front and centre with our sliced leeks. And there’s no need to make pizza dough since this pizza recipe uses naan bread!

Recette de pizza au poulet avec des poireaux tranchés, lavés et prêts à cuire et de la roquette


Sour cream and arugula linguines

Serge would say: “There’s nothing like creamy pasta with bacon for dinner!” And we certainly agree! 😉 In this recipe, arugula adds a nice, slightly peppery touch to this pasta dish with sliced leeks, sour cream and bacon!

Plat de pâtes : linguines à la crème sure et à la roquette avec des poireaux tranchés


Chicken and leeks quesadillas

In a hurry for dinner? You’re not alone since these quesadillas are just as much 😉. In less than 25 minutes, your dinner will be ready, and you can even eat it on the go before your little one’s soccer game ⚽. 

Recette de quesadillas au poulet et aux poireaux tranchés


Shepherd’s pie with leeks

For you, ketchup or no ketchup on a shepherd’s pie? Whichever you choose, we’re pretty sure this will be the best shepherd’s pie recipe you’ve ever made because it has our sliced leeks in the filling and a little grated cheese in the potatoes 🧀 🥔.

Recette de pâté chinois avec des poireaux tranchés Les Cultures de chez nous


Our leeks, recipes to discover and enjoy

Are you crazy leeks as much as we are? We completely understand! That’s why we want you to make the most of it with tons of leek recipes on our website. We’ve compiled a list of 16 leek appetizer and side dish recipes and 20 leek soup and cream recipes for light eating. Perfect articles for exploiting leeks’ versatility and great taste in all your dishes!

Now, are you more into whole leeks or sliced leeks?

Serge jongle avec des poireaux tranchés et des poireaux entiers parce qu'il hésite