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As a 100% local leek from Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults, you can imagine that I have a particular fondness for leek recipes, especially when those come from Les Cultures de chez nous farm, where I was born.

But I also love recipes with asparagus. Every year, around mid-May until the end of June, I can’t get enough of the Quebec asparagus that grows in the fields next to mine 😊. Looking for experts on growing Quebec asparagus? Les Cultures de chez nous is there for you. And their asparagus are, pretty frankly, the best in the world! Crisp, fresh and flavourful. They’re the green asparagus you want on your plate. You don’t have to go far to get them; Les Cultures de chez nous’ Quebec asparagus is on sale in practically every grocery store!

Before heading to your favourite grocery store to pick up your bunch of Les Cultures de chez nous asparagus, I’ll whet your appetite with my 10 favourite Quebec asparagus recipes.

Pasta with asparagus, pancetta and lemon zest

I’m a sucker for pasta. As proof, I’ve probably tried all the top 30 best pasta recipes to ABSOLUTELY try 2 or 3 times each. In the pasta with asparagus recipe, you will flip over pasta and asparagus in a creamy sauce with pancetta and Parmesan 🤤.

For pasta, you can also make your own. My friends at Crazy Leeks explain in one of their articles how to make fresh homemade pasta with the best recipe.

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Pâtes aux asperges vertes du Québec avec pancetta, zeste de citron et parmesan râpé
Quebec green asparagus pasta with pancetta, lemon zest and grated Parmesan cheese

Asparagus and spinach soup

It’s often said that a soup or velouté is perfect for warming up on long winter evenings. That’s true, but it’s just as good and essential when spring rolls around and Quebec asparagus is at its best! In this asparagus and spinach velouté, add grilled asparagus tips as a garnish. Everyone who eats it will surely ask you for a second bowl; it’s so good 🍜.

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Velouté aux asperges vertes du Québec et aux épinards
Green asparagus and spinach soup

Chicken stuffed with asparagus and Swiss cheese

In addition to leeks and asparagus, I also really like Brussels sprouts. For this recipe for chicken stuffed with asparagus and Swiss cheese, I followed the chef’s advice for the accompaniment 😊!

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Poitrines de poulet farcies avec des asperges vertes du Québec et du fromage suisse
Chicken breasts stuffed with Quebec green asparagus and Swiss cheese

Sautéed beef with orange, asparagus and leeks

Let’s talk about a great recipe that combines the wonderful asparagus of Quebec with the good local leeks from Les Cultures de chez nous. I like the tanginess of orange juice and zest in this orange beef stir-fry. Personally, I like to add already-cooked pasta, such as spaghettini, a few minutes before adding the beef to the wok.

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Sauté de bœuf aux asperges et aux poireaux avec une sauce à l’orange
Sautéed beef with orange, asparagus and leeks

Pizza with chicken, asparagus and caramelized onions

The pizza and asparagus fan in you will be delighted with this chicken pizza recipe. If you want to make your own pizza dough, follow Ricardo’s recipe for pizza dough for 8. It’s the one I always make instead of the store-bought variety. By making more homemade pizza dough and freezing it, you’ll even be able to try out my 12 pizza recipes, from appetizer to dessert!

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Pizza au poulet, aux asperges et aux oignons caramélisés
Pizza with chicken, asparagus and caramelized onions

Lemon and Parmesan asparagus fries

Parmesan and asparagus are always a winner. With this recipe for Parmesan lemon asparagus fries, you’ll have an excellent starter to share, ideal for cocktails with family and friends.

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Frites d\u0027asperges citronnées au parmesan
Lemon and Parmesan asparagus fries

Asparagus with butter and Parmesan

Asparagus with butter and Parmesan is another simple recipe I like to make as a side dish (and here you see me coming with my passion for asparagus and Parmesan 😉 ). This is such a quick asparagus side dish to make. Cheese lovers (like me 🧀) will love this oven-baked gratin recipe!

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Asperges grillées au four au beurre et au parmesan
Asparagus with butter and Parmesan

Spanakopita with asparagus and pistachios

My trip to Greece left its mark on my culinary life. I was so taken with the country and the food that I devoted an entire article with 10 easy Greek recipe ideas to make you feel like you’re in Greece. My recipe for spanakopita with asparagus and pistachios can also be found in my recipe travel cookbook (in French only), free on the Crazy Leeks website. It’s so good, I had to tell you about it again. I wonder if Argiris, the owner of the hotel I stayed at on the island of Naxos, included asparagus in his spanakopita recipe 🤔.

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Spanakopita aux asperges et pistaches
Leeks and pistachios spanakopita

Warm farfalle salad with ham, sun‑dried tomatoes and asparagus

There’s nothing like a good pasta salad with asparagus to accompany the most successful BBQs. With this farfalle salad, freshness and flavour are the order of the day. The old-fashioned mustard vinaigrette adds a nice kick to the dish and suits the asparagus perfectly.

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Salade tiède de farfalles au jambon, aux tomates séchées et aux asperges
Warm farfalle salad with ham, sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus

Asparagus carbonara

As if Parmesan, pasta and asparagus weren’t already present enough in my article 😂, I’m ending it with my biggest asparagus classic: asparagus carbonara. I love the creamy pasta, the tender yet crisp bacon and the final ingredient in this recipe... extra Parmesan 🧀! For me, “extra” means “a lot” 😉. Just thinking about this pasta has me drooling.

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Pâtes carbonara aux asperges vertes du Québec
Carbonara pasta with Quebec green asparagus

Recipe ideas for asparagus and more all over the blog

Like my classic recipes? Check out my recipe for homemade asparagus spices and seasonings. You’ll love it. In the same article, I share several other homemade spices and herb blends you can reproduce at home.

Since Quebec asparagus season doesn’t last forever, I also invite you to check out these 7 recipes using green asparagus that you can freeze or can. Or check out these 7 recipes using asparagus as a side dish. It’s incredible! There are some real gems as recipes in these Crazy Leeks 😊 articles. And, to make the most of the Quebec asparagus season, you can also choose from the 20 best recipes for cooking asparagus.

Happy season, and long live Quebec asparagus from Les Cultures de chez nous!