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In summer, temptation isn't missing with tons of unhealthy snacks and foods! Just think about dairies... There's one at each intersection! There's also so much dinner outside where hot-dogs, salad soaked with tons of mayonnaise, chips and dessert way too sugary stacks to eone another over the table.

And there are these famous kids party. If you took the initiative to invite the friends, you have at least a control over foods. Disguise your healthy recipe with lots of colors, don't set even one plates of candies and they won't even realize.

Here 7 recipes for a sucessful kids party!

Vegetables chips

What's great with chips made of vegetables, is that the more you have different vegetables, the more colors it'll have. The perfect strategy to get attention and make them eat vegetables easily!

Chose potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroots, zucchinis and all other kind of vegetables that'll be popular. All you need to do is slice vegetables into chips, brush with oil, season with your favorite spices and set in the oven. Baking time variates depending on how thick it is, but vegetables are ready when dehydrated.

A fruity icy dessert

Yogurt and fruits, is all you need to make this simple lemon and blueberries icy yogurt mini-pops  recipe. Here's a portion of fruits somehow disguised, but which they'll enjoy! Change blueberries for fruits of your choice or mix many type for more colors.

Healthy cookies to prepare

With intolerances and allergies, we can easily get lost into recipes preparation. Here's one very simple if some of your kids have gluten intolerances and can't eat dairy products : gluten free raspberries rolled cookies.

Funny vegetables for snack

A kids party without funny recipes or foods, there would be something missing. No need to do a costy piñata to please your guests. Over crackers garnished with cheese and meat, lay half a cherry tomato with piece of olive or grape to make a head. And here we go! You'll have pretty eatable ladybugs!

Vegetables train

With the same thought, transform cucumbers or peppers sliced in 2 in a train which can contains other vegetables! Wheels may be made of carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, radish... You'll sure have as much fun preparing than them eating it!

Meats for proteins

If it's a meal, it should be sustaining! Made of small canapee or ham or chicken mini hamburgers. It avoids waist, since they'll only eat one at a time (it's sometime hard to negociate half an hamburger when they'll think they'll be able to eat entirely one!). All you need is meat into small chunks, a celery branch, quarter of an onion, few sliced leeks, mayonnaise (not too much!) and spices of your choice. Mix everything and you'll get a simple meal.

Dessert : raspberries on top of the sundae

Instead of a big cake, let's keep it on with small bites with : raspberries mini-cheesecakes! Double or triple the recipe depending on how much you are. It can also be kept few days if there are leftovers!