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BBQing brings people together; it’s festive and often brings good weather. Are you more of the hot dog, hamburger or BBQ grilling type? We love the chicken burger with leeks, and we’ll be testing Serge’s famous hamburger patty recipe very soon!

But occasionally, it’s nice to do things differently! To surprise your guests or simply spice things up, we’ve created 5 unusual BBQ recipes. To your grills!

Unusual appetizers on the BBQ

Melted Brie (in French)

To kick off a dinner party with friends or family, there’s nothing better than an unusual appetizer on the BBQ: cheese fondue! Simple, quick and perfect for cheese lovers 🧀 With toast, it’s excellent!

Recette originale sur le BBQ : un brie fondu

Flatbread (in French)

Speaking of bread, with the confinement, have you learned to make homemade bread, too? There’s one bread we are particularly fond of: flatbread. It’s easy to prepare and cooks up so quickly on the BBQ! Just thinking about its beautiful toasted look, we’re already salivating 🤤

You can eat this flatbread cooked on the BBQ with melted brie or even use it to make a deluxe grilled cheese with Quebecois cheese (in French)!

Recette inusitée de pain plat cuit sur le BBQ

Unusual main course on the BBQ

Pizza on Naan bread

In this unusual BBQ recipe, naan bread is used as pizza dough. It’s a winner every time. And why not use our delicious and versatile flatbread instead? You really can do almost anything with this bread 😊. All that’s left is to add your favourite ingredients and accompany the pizza with a good beer 🍺.


An original accompaniment to the BBQ

Grilled avocado salad (in French)

There’s nothing better than a good salad to round off your restaurant-worthy pizza. Grilled avocados add a touch of freshness to dinner and are the perfect accompaniment to dessert.

Salade d’avocats grillés pour un BBQ inusité

Unusual dessert on the BBQ

Grilled pineapple

An unusual menu complete with BBQ couldn’t end without dessert. Yes, yes, you read that right, dessert on the BBQ! Pineapples are used here, but you can also grill various fruits on the BBQ, including peaches, pears and even delicious berries on skewers!

Dessert inusité sur le barbecue : des ananas grillés

For more unusual (or not-so-unusual) BBQ recipes, we have a few you’ll love! Enjoy the fine weather ahead 🌞