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Unique meal of quebecers winter is of course the soup. Polyvalent and cameleon, it change as much colors than flavours. Soup is as much great on the most chics tables than with a thermos for workers. In this wintry time, we offer an article on soup. Warm soups which will nourish hungriest and warm up frozen feet, high class soups simply sublimes that will please finest taste buds and soups of every day which will esily get into your classics.

Once, almost each meals started with a soup. Golden occasion to use leftovers and to make a good base for the hungriest. Cookers used left of previous meals for broths and all small leftovers and shrunken vegetables became an opportunity to create something delicious.
Today, the soup is an iconic meal of this cold season. We cook it for its warm side which warm us up.

Musts of the soup

Broths. Unavoidable base of soup, chose well is very important. If you have all the times you need, opt for an homemade broth. Keep hocks bones, t-bones and poultry carcass. Bones can be freeze easily and can be use at your will to prepare tasty meals. In a large casserole, set carcass, season and marinate in a big quantity of water. You can ad fresh herbs, garlic and onion. Simmer at least an hour at low heat and add water if needed. Filter. But, if you don't have much time, opt for broths without added salt and monosodium glutamate or let yourself tempted with miso vertues, this fermented food, which help your intestine microbiota: small microbial people that are located iside your digestive tract.


Every respected cook use these herbaceous bulbous and aromatic plants to enhance meals flavours they prepare. Garlic, onion, shallot, green onion and leek are few unavoidable. Gren parts of green onion and chive are prefered for people with digestive difficulty or bloat easily. garlic and onion offers antiseptic vertues. Leek has a probiotic role which means you're not the only one to eat it! This great generous also nourish your intestinal bacterial flora. When satiated, this colony of good bacteria will help protect against intruder and enssure creation of some vitamins and fat acids for short chains.

Creams and dairies

Of vegetal or animal origin, creams add touch of "ummm" to soups. It's the queen of smoothness. Vegetarians will prefer soy cream or cashew when omnivorous will opt for milk, cream, yogurt or sour cream. Cashew cream is a small jewel. Easy to prepare, it tolerates heat and coldness of a freezer. To prepare, soak in water 100 g of raw cashew inside a sealed container for at least four hours. Rinse and set in the mixer with 100 ml of water. You'll obtain 250 ml of cashew cream. If you opt for soy preparation, be sure to use products intended for cooking or you'll risk to obtain a weird soup. If none of these suggestions fit you, potatoes and rice gaves out great results. A potato or 60 ml of long grains white rice will be okay to give a smooth consistency to your soups.


For a meal-soup or to give a final touch to your soup, balance is needed. Wait at the last minute to rectify seasoning or to add a bit of broth or cream. To equilibrate a meal-soup, bu sure to combines vegetables, grains and a protein. Barley, quinoa, short pastas are great for this, and chopped meat, shredded chicken and legumes are great proteins choices.


Go for it, create. Cooking soups is a golden opportunity to let go of your creativity. Use small shrunken vegetables to create a whole new recipe. It's hard to fail a soup if we follow previous principles. And if you are proud of your creation, write it down on paper, take a picture and share it!

No more inspiration, but searching for the perfect soup? Here few suggestions which can fit to different occasions.

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Something more usual? try out our dairy free broccolis and leeks soup or our edamames and leeks Italian soup.

Something warm and tasty? The veal soup with barley and leeks or Shitakee mushrooms with leeks and sausages soup are great options.