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Sleeping outdoors, laughing round a campfire, wear comfortable clothes, chase away black fly with your hands... Nothing's more efficient than a weekend in camping to forget about the routine! But there is always this unavoidable question : "what are we going to eat beside chips and marshmallow"? We've got creative ideas for you!

Breakfast salad

Of course we can do it simple and make toast for breakfast. Exept that this delight salade déjeuner will give you all energy needed to start an active day!

Little tips if you're gone for more than a day : prepare crepes batter beforehand. You'll just have to cook it in the pan!

Crazy sandwichs

Basic rules for all cooking camping champion : simplicity before all! No times to elaborate a six-pâtes or wellington beef, you'll be too busy doing acitvities or just doing nothing at all! For lunch let's make sandwichs! But not just anytype of sandwichs : bagel au saumon fumé et tombée de poireaux and baguette gratinée au jambon, fromage et poireaux.

Meal-saldad and accompaniment

This taboulé aux poireaux sans gluten needs a bit of preparation before leaving, but will save you a lot of time once in camping!

Professionals campers desserts

Sure, when it's time for sugar, we can count on the traditional grilled marshmallow over a campfire. But there's more! Why not dipping your marshmallow in Bailey's after roasting? Here we go!

Legend : Pinterest

First skew a marshmallow with a branch and roast over a fire. Then set in-between two Graham cookies and 1 piece of chocolate Hershey's style to make a sandwich out of it. Let melt a bit and enjoy. Repeat as much as necessary.

Essential tools for camping cooking

Before leaving, be sure to have the followings under the hands, otherwise it's at your own risk!

  • Cooler
  • Plates and bowls
  • Utensils
  • Glass and wine glasses without foot
  • Sommelier knife
  • Sharp knife
  • Stove or burner
  • Small propane tank

Have a nice weekend campers!