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Reasons to eat maple syrup are multiple. Of course, it's from our land and purely delicious! But no needs to be chauvinist to recognize it's numerous nutritious quality and its positive influence on health!

Part of the antioxidants family, its benefits are like ones of red wine, tea and berries. Plus, it's 100% natural! In other words, it wasn't refined and do not contain coloring nor any additive. Idem formaple taffy, butter and sugar.

Sugar substitute

Our nutritionist, Geneviève Arbour, says it's preferable for health to search recipes made with maple syrup or honey instead of one with refined sugars like white sugars or brown sugars.

On the nutrtional plan, white sugar only has sucrose and no nutritious elements. Which is not a surprise. Maple syrup is one of the sugary factors the less caloric and count less calories than an equal portion of honey of table syrup. 

Just like François Chartier demonstrated, the creator of harmony, maple syrup is a food with a large aromatic complexity. We can find more tha 2250 aromatic compounds, such as, vanilla, sponge toffee, marshmallow, chocolate, cinnamon, flowers, etc! Premium A quality, clearer syrup, find it's place on the table like a condiments to add to our foods. As for B and C syrup, obtained later on in the season, will be perfect added to your cooking for traditional plates and meats and fishes glaze.

Don't hesitate to replace white sugar by an equal portion of maple syrup and take care to decreases of a quarter the quantity of liquids in your muffins, cookies and cakes recipes.

And why not recreate your cooking by adding a sip of our national syrup!

Remeber that it's still sugar and that you should keep being moderate!

Numerous advantages for athlete

Maple syrup contains sucrose, a mix of glucose and fructose : both efficient fuel for intense exercising. You see me coming? Why not add it to your pre-training snack?

Here a simple recipe of Smoothies aux bananes, aux framboises et à l'érable will perfectly do the job!

Don't hesitate to add it also to your drink or recuperation meal, since maple syrup is also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. It's also more rich in potassium than honey! These three elements are playing an important role in the muscular contraction and relaxation. Add it without any remorse the equivalent of a tablespoonn in nature greek yogurt, oatmeal bwol or a bowl of de fruits frais!

Finaly, antioxidant contained in maple syrup reduces muscular tiredness if eaten before and after training. Not bad!

Who said eating healthy was boring!