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80% of heart diseases and early AVC can be avoid with healthy behaviors.1

You have no idea which saint to turn to? You're paralized in front of a myriad of nutritionals recommendations that all seem conflicting? Who's right?

With thousands of studies published each year in domain of nutritions, it could be easy to think that people are more and more easily infromed. Unfortunately, it is not. Majority of results are wrongly reported and exagerated. In a era of social network, these informations goes around the world in less than two and styled into the arabic phone game...

heart diseases are a set of conditions that affects the structure and the operation of heart. Even if some disease are related to malformations present from birth or hereditary, the best defence is to control risk factors : high blood pressure, smoking, weigh, stress, sedentary, diet compositions, and alcohol consomation.

Drink with moderation

The maximal weekly consomation of alcohol is of 10 drinks for womens and 14 drinks for mens. When triglycerides are too elevated in bloods, it is recommend to limit as much a possible cocktails and beers, since they contain lots of carbohydrates.

Do not finish your plates

Reach and maintain a healthy weigh is not easy. Most of the people stopped to trust their corporal signs of hunger and satiety. Instead of listening their body, they trust the size of their plates or ate based on a schedule or recommendations from a popular diet. Doing so, the body too often ignored start to grow fat. Recognize yourself? Be mindful to your body and he will reard you by losing some unneeded kilos.

4 fast tips to reconnect with hunger signals :

  1. Eat only when you are hungry.
  2. Serves yourself only 50% smaller plates. If needed, serves yourself back!
  3. You will know that you ate enough by doing little physical activities right after your meals.
  4. Tired after your meal? You ate too much!

Maximize vegetables

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains products are plants and ¾ of your meals should be constituted from these. The other fraction will be dedicated to animals products.

Not transformed plants are rich in fibers and phytonutrients. In addition of feeding you, they feed your little people : bacterias that compose intestinal microbiota. Even more studies show that these have great influences on our health.

Banish transformed foods

They're guilty of many illness! Rich in salt, saturated fat, refined sugar, and too often free from all good fiber and vitamins. It is without any doubt THE most important change for your heart health. Too long list of ingredients, illegible terms, and undetermined expiring date on your shelfs are the 3 greatest tips to spot them.

Cook more

While cooking, you'll reduce your consomation of transformed foods and control salt and sugar content of meals that you will cook. It will be even more easy to incorporate in foods lots of plants while going over new recipes. Since eating is a pleasure and a hobby for many, cooking last the pleasure! Search in recipe books, shop food, invite and prepare are effective activities that will last the pleasures!

Here 2 recipes that will sure take care of your heart health. Developped by a nutritionist, these recipes are rich in phytonutrients, good fats and sulfur compound of which our little people are crazy about!

  1. Leeks and zucchinis ratatouille
  2. Leeks with japanese breadcrumbs salmon

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