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The anticipation is finally coming to a term... the brunch! No more traditional eggs/bacons, these 5 ideas will make this brunch into a gastronomic meal. It'll smells so good at home that even your neighbors will come at your door. 😉

Quick spanish cassolette

Here's a breakfast like we adore! Filled with flavours and quick to prepare. Almost faster than screaming "Olé"!

Cassolette (œufs, pommes de terre, saucisses, poireaux) vite faite à l’espagnole

Ham and asparagus stratta

The Canada's food guide has to be ready for this, since this recipe combines all categories of food for your greatest pleasure!

Stratta au jambon et asperges

Asparagus frittata

Fried, turned, poached, scrambled... egg is an unavoidable for the brunch. To make it differently this frittata is perfect! Don't be shy, add all vegetables you have under the hand. We especially like to add asparagus, leeks and red pepper. With lots of cheese, it's as if we were eating a pizza for breakfast!

Frittata aux asperges

Maple flavoured French Toasts sticks

Impossible to avoid the classical French Toasts. With its fries look, it'll be gone in a second just like hot rolls, but soaked into syrup!

Bâtonnets de pain doré ressemblant à des frites avec sirop d’érable et confiture

Ham and asparagus stuffed crêpes

Ham and asparagus are back at it once again. Mixed in a crepes and coated with bechamel sauce and cheese, it's 100% a success!

Crêpes farcies au jambon et asperges

Mimosa plz!

A lil bonus! Sparkling wine and champaign are replaced here with a cider to go with orange juice. A cocktail worth being with a quality brunch! except if you,d really like to open a bottle of champaign 🍾 🍾 🍾

Mimosa servi dans une flûte à champagne avec oranges tranchées et pichet de jus d’oranges sur la table

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