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Nothings more comforting than a brunch. A table full of hearty dishes with people we love, appetizers and conversations comes together easily. With a good coffee or a Mimosa, the atmosphere gets friendly and festive! Just like a spring brunch can't do without maple, we concocted you some recipes to cook this weekend!

We offers here, modern and delicious alernatives to make a change in grand-mothers traditionals recipes and share this sweet pleasure with your family and friends!


Poached eggs with maple on a nest of salad and fried leeks

What would be a Sunday brunch without eggs? We please our taste buds and healthy line by choosing eggs cooked without oil. For more taste, serves on delicious fried leeks and salad, everything covered with bacon and maple vinaigrette.


Baked beans with leeks and maple

A good brunch can't be without beans. But, you have to think to prepare everything a day before for it to be ready. Froze provisions to have a chance to eat it all year long! 


Roasted maple ham, with leeks with orange compote

This recipe only contains 7 easy and affordable ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Combined, these foods makes delicious dishes that'll surprise your guest. 


Asparagus rolls and ham gratin

For brunchs more in a hurry, this recipe make with maple ham slice with make you save in time, but not in quality! It's gourmet, creamy and crispy at the same time!

Two potatoe gratin, with maple and nutmeg

Why content yourself with less when you can get more? Instead of traditionals diced potatoes, this original gratin will let you savors a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes garnished with cheese, cream and maple! A bit rich, but we have to treat ourselves at least once! Delicious with egg yolk.


Enjoy this weekend by gathering around the kitchen and the table. Have a nice meal!