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For a bit of leek like me, a homemade nacho resembles a taco. You can put whatever you want in it, no judgment 😉. But there are some must-have nacho recipes. Whether it’s to satisfy your football friends while they’re enjoying your other Super Bowl recipes (in French), for a decadent movie night with melted cheese and corn chips, even if you also love healthy savoury snack recipes, or to eat an appetizer with friends with a good beer, homemade nachos can be downright delicious.

In my top 5, I’m taking you on a culinary journey to the land of decadent nachos and corn chip au gratin. Preheat the oven right away because you might want to eat nachos sooner rather than later 😀

My favourite #1: the three-cheese nacho (in French)

Being a huge cheese fan, you’ll quickly understand that my favourite homemade nacho recipe includes lots of cheese. And not the yellow cheese sauce accompanying overly salty corn chips like you find in many arenas. I’m talking about real cheese like mozzarella, Monterey Jack or sharp cheddar. There are 3 cheeses in this recipe (in French), and it’s just perfect. You can also choose your favourites, which will surely be good. The important thing is that your cheese mixture is well melted and stretches out every time you take a chip.

Nachos maison aux trois fromages avec légumes et du fromage qui s’étire

Fish ceviche + corn chips = the sea at the service of homemade nachos (in French)

Even though I’m a sucker for cheese, I can still do without it occasionally. Here, there’s no need to gratinate our nachos. We treat ourselves to freshness with a fish ceviche with lime (in French), corn chips or even homemade pita chips! Perfect as a change from melted cheese!

Recette de nachos maison sous forme de ceviche au poisson

Sour cream: the soothing ingredient for spicy homemade nachos (in French)

Depending on the ingredients in your homemade nacho, it may be slightly or very spicy. If you have a low tolerance for spiciness, as I do, you’ll love the sour cream! As we say at home: “A dollop of sour cream will soothe your mouth!

I made the ‘mistake’ of using too much hot sauce once in this recipe for spicy nachos (in French). I can confirm that sour cream saved my life 😂.

Recette de nachos maison avec de la viande et de la crème sûre

Chicken popcorn: my treat for decadent chicken nachos (in French)

Homemade nachos with roast chicken (in French) are delicious. But occasionally, I treat myself by replacing it with popcorn chicken (in French). The great thing about this chicken recipe is that you don’t need a deep fryer!

Recette décadente de nachos maison avec du poulet popcorn ou du poulet rôti

Homemade nachos supreme: nachos topped (in French) with my personal touch

In the kitchen, I often tell myself that most recipes on the Web are there as inspiration. And I confess that I don’t always follow recipes to the letter 😲. Exploring, testing, adjusting, or even combining recipes to suit my tastes is also home-cooking fun!

For my recipe for homemade nachos supreme, I suggest you make the nacho recipe you like best with the vegetables and condiments you love. Peppers, olives, tomatoes, hot peppers, leeks, onions, corn... the choice is yours! I then add cubes of maple-caramelized tofu (in French) before browning them.

Don’t particularly like tofu? You can replace it with tempeh! By the way, Crazy Leeks has a great article with 10 tempeh recipes (in French).

More of a meat lover? Simply cook your favourite ground meat how you like it and add the maple sauce to the tofu recipe. It’s a hit, I guarantee.

Recette de nachos maison suprêmes garnis de viande, légumes et condiments

I love homemade nachos so much that I could have talked about them for days. You can create many great recipes from what you have in the fridge. It could be as simple as homemade tortilla chips with leek guacamole or as elaborate as nachos with duck confit.

If you love to cook as much as I do and love to eat, I invite you to follow my blog posts. I give you all my culinary inspirations and my best recipes 🙂.

See you next time!